May 8, 2012

TNY – The Reviews

Positive reviews! Yay!

Click the reviewer’s name to be taken to their full review:


“[Director]’s work to coordinate such a vast project is nothing short of impressive … [Costume Designer} shows sheer genius in his expressions displayed in the simple white color scheme of the show … [Choreographer] creates masterful pieces of work … the sound work creates stunning images … performers are beyond courageous …  with a perfect twilight to end a perfect show this limited engagement is the crowning glory of exploratory devised works this season.”

~ Amanda Gunther, DC Metro Theater Arts


“[Director] sidesteps the aid of a traditional linear drama form but never lets the piece stray into over-intellectualized abstraction … the creative team successfully allows images to pile up and resonate as they will … the movement vocabulary of the performance is an interesting blend of forms … strong bare legs and the way feet plant themselves in the grass or flick then pull through water remind me of the Pina Bausch Company and that company’s use and attention to the elements … [The Goddess] is a magnificent and expressive dancer … special mention must be given of the courage and stamina of all these performers … I walked to my car feeling satisfied and strangely teary by having seen something odd but brave and moving that was communicating to us something about being human, and, in its expression, bringing life to a spot in Washington that has been long emptied and neglected.  Isn’t this what theatre is meant to do?”

~ Susan Galbraith, DC Theater Scene


May 7, 2012

The Reason

Well, the show is over. Over the course of four performances we entertained somewhere between 600-800 people (my guess is between 650 and 700, but the final count could very well be higher), proved we could perform a water-centric piece WITHOUT water*, and garnered some rave reviews.

And then the photos started showing up.

Most (of me) are just … yik. Something about a busted lip will make me look like I’m a total idiot, with my mouth hanging open, in EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO. ::sighs:: Never mind that the swelling was so bad I COULDN’T close my mouth. ::shakes head:: The things we do for art.

But there were a couple, that summed it all up.


First up … why I do theatre … for others:



There were several sections of the show were I was in and among the audience. (The final day, this particular scene was performed about 6 inches from a castmate’s daughter’s lap. There were over 200 people in a space designed to hold half that.) What I couldn’t tell, while performing, was whether said audience was watching, or being uncomfortable. Apparently this woman was focused, rapt, on me through the entire scene.

Playing into someone’s imagination? Helping them experience? YES. That’s exactly it.


And here’s why I do theatre, for me:



He’ll kill me if he finds out I posted that. Not his favorite photo … but his favorite is a terrible one of me, and this is my blog, so … I win.

That was taken at the cast party. Sharing a drink and a chair (as you do), as part of a circle of people … laughing so hard we were crying.

Friends. One of those big reasons I do it, for me.



* The weather was NOT on our side that weekend. What was forcast to be in the 80s ended up being in the 60s and below … and totally rainy one night. When it rained we moved under cover, but lost the canal. From what I heard … it was still pretty awesome. Reviews tomorrow!

April 27, 2012


You’ve all been WAY more patient with my absence than I deserve. But, I’m not totally back yet. Sometime next week, if I can, I’ll start back up … you know, once the show is over and I can get some down time.

But for now … here are some of my favorite shots from The Nautical Yards. *




All photos courtesy of force/collision … final dress rehearsal 4/25.


* TNY performs now though Sunday 4/29, 7pm, at the Washington Navy Yards – Yards Park. Come join us!

April 6, 2012

No Loitering

Every now and then a random memory pops into my head … it never makes sense, and seems to come from nowhere. The memories are never big events, but usually have something amusing in them … so who knows what triggers it?

So, I’ve decided to start posting them here … they may only be funny to me, but you never know…


October 2004 – 11pm-ish – Car parked in a public parking lot, we’re passed out in the backseat, trying to sleep.

Cop 1: ::knocks on window::

Boy: “Crap, I thought this lot didn’t close.”

Me: ::rolls down window::

Cop 1: “Can you step out here, please? Not you, sir.”

Me: ::gets out of car::

Cop 2: ::gets INTO car::

Cop 1: “So, what are you two up to, out here so late?”

Me: “We’re actors at the theater right up the street. Our show got out about half an hour ago, and we’re both too tired to drive home. We figured we’d try and sleep for a couple hours, so we don’t crash. I thought this was a 24 hour lot?”

Cop 1: “RIGHT. That’s not a lie.”

Me: “It’s not.”

Cop 1: ::scoffs and walks away to talk to Cop 2 and compare stories::

The stories match, because, um, they’re TRUE.

Cop 1: “So, um, I guess you’re telling the truth. That’s, um, very responsible of you.”

Me: “Thanks. Can I get back in the car? I’m freezing.”

Cop 1: “You have to understand, when we normally find cars parked late, it’s not normally local actors trying to get sleep before heading home.”

Me: “I understand. Can I get back in the car NOW?” *

Cop 2: “Yeah. Sorry to have disturbed you.”

Me: “Right.”

Cop 2: “We’ll radio so that no one else bothers you.”

Me: ::raises eyebrow then gets back in car::

Boy: “Did you have to give them attitude?”

Me: “Did they have to interrupt my nap? We were clearly asleep. Asshats.”

Boy: ::laughs:: “Hell hath no fury and all that?”

Me: “Shhh. SLEEPING. Don’t make me call you an asshat, too.”


And we proceeded to fall back to sleep, and drive home at 1am.


Random, right?


April 5, 2012


Oh hey look! A place to write! And a few extra moments! WHAT? YAY!

So, as you may or may not be aware, I’m in a new show. Let me repeat: I’M. IN. A. NEW. SHOW. *


More info on that to come. In the meantime, check out my beautiful cast (well, some of them):


We’ve been rehearsing for the last month, and as such, I’ve been SUPER busy. So busy, in fact, things (like blogging, and returning emails, and sleep…) have gone neglected. So today, a list of things I’ve learned/observed during rehearsal:

– I’ve missed this even more than I realized.

– The women in non-equity DC theater (at least those I’ve met) are TIMID. ** I’ve never been the most adventurous (non-company) woman in a cast before.

– Being the most adventurous makes you stand out. And gets you offered other shows.

– Having to turn down other shows SUCKS. Stupid family weddings and day jobs…

– Having a scene partner with GORGEOUS blue eyes is never a bad thing.

– More importantly, if that scene partner is a fantastic actor, you win. Or rather, I win.

– It is NEVER ok to accidentally call your husband your scene partner’s name. (In my defense, they both start with J.) It’ll just make husband even less sure about you doing this whole “acting” thing. ***

– It is totally acceptable to accidentally call your scene partner your husband’s name.  Be prepared for non-stop teasing from said scene partner.

– Boys are HEAVY. Especially when you basically have to dead-lift them. By yourself. Repeatedly.

– My back is stronger than I thought. Yay!

– My arms are not. Hello soreness.

– Extra workouts are not necessary when rehearsal involves running 2 miles.

– Some people take themselves WAY too seriously.

– Reciprocal total trust is an amazing thing. And makes for heart wrenchingly beautiful scenes.

– The option to do this full time is suddenly open. It throws a wrench in my careful plan. This terrifies me to no end.

– Finding friends is a matter of who you talk to. ****

– My love for gay men (and the women who love them) is undying.

– I think I’m finally home.


I’m sure there’s more, but that’s where my brain is at the moment. I’ll go into detail on a lot of these later, but for now … yay!


* Thanks in large part to the wonderful Nicole. I owe that lady many, many drinks.

** We’ve been rehearsing for nearly a month, and we STILL have women doing the bare minimum. And freaking out when they’re asked to do the scene barefoot. Not wanting to touch the men. Giggling their way through exercises. Not bothering to listen to the director. Marking the dance instead of throwing themselves into the movement. Having a problem with being wet on stage. REALLY having a problem that the costume designer is putting us in light clothing  … dear God, what will that MEAN when it’s wet? We’ll be covered, right?! ::headdesk::

I really, really wish I was exaggerating … but this isn’t even half of it.

*** We’ll get into this in depth later, but suffice to say, he’s not thrilled with the idea of me playing a romantic part.

**** My standard “I moved here not knowing anyone and work in an office of 4. I usually met people through school and theater and those weren’t happening for me, here.” usually falls on deaf ears … or at most earns a look of sympathy. THESE people, though? It prompted hugs, and “I KNOW, it was like that for me, too!”, and “You’re here with us now, it’ll be ok, we’ll fix it.” God, I love people like that.