Let me preface this by saying I do commercial property management for a living.

Knowing that will help you make sense of the rest of this.

I had plans tonight. Big plans. I have a run to do. A wedding gown to bustle for a lovely lady who’s soon to be married. A dinner to cook and enjoy. A husband to spend some much needed time with.

But no. An elevator needed to break down at the building. More specifically the elevator to the roof. On an evening when I have over 100 people on said roof for a party. A party thrown by our resident law firm tenant. While it’s 100 degrees outside.

Needless to say, they are NOT pleased. The best I could do in the short term was open a stairwell and ask them to walk up and down 5 flights of stairs to access. (No one acknowledges that this is a good thing … if I hadn’t been able to open a higher floor, they’d be walking up and down 10 flights. And yet, it’s not enough.)

Technicians have been called. I got an “I’m on my way right now” oh … just under an hour ago? I get that DC traffic is a nightmare, but seriously? GET HERE. This one constitutes an emergency. In an hour and a half I have musicians and caterers who need to be able to move their equipment. If it starts raining (as it’s been threatening to do) I need them down sooner than that. Just get here.

All of this is irritating, but not enough to piss me off. It’s highly inconvenient, but it’s part of the job. I manage the building. Things go wrong, it’s my problem. (This is all true.) It’s all in a day’s work, right?

Except that it isn’t. THIS is the engineer’s job. The maintenance of the mechanical equipment in the building is SOLELY his responsibility. He was the first call security made when we realized there was a problem. His response? “I can’t, I just sat down to dinner. Is anyone still there? They can handle it. Don’t call me again.”



So for now, I sit, and I wait for the technician. But tomorrow? Oh, tomorrow there will be hell to pay. You can bet on it.


PS – I WILL learn how to properly schedule things on WordPress. I will. The silence of the last two days was due to the fact that the two posts I THOUGHT I had scheduled are ACTUALLY set to go up tomorrow and Saturday. Hmm.

I’d promise it wouldn’t happen again, but DUDE, this is me we’re talking about. ::winks::

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