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June 13, 2011


So, the plan for today, on the heels of the Tonys (My PEOPLE!!), was to get into the nitty-gritty of theatre … and theater. ::winks::

We’ll get to that tomorrow. Today, this is more important.

No one here should be surprised that I’m a huge Dan Savage fan. His columns are hilarious, his speaking is always insightful, and his books are unabashedly real. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him, and trust me, he’s exactly the fierce, outspoken, honest, kind man you’d expect him to be.

This weekend, he posted this video:

The bit about not wanting to publicly identify as Christian for fear of being lumped into the anti-gay movement? TOTALLY been there. I’ve left churches over their outspoken anti-LGBTQ stances. (Little known fact: I attended Saddleback Church before Rick Warren became a sensation. I left when a good friend was kicked out for being gay … and then his mother was kicked out for “raising a sinner.” I’m not exaggerating. Or joking. I wish I was.) I’ve participated in rallies, campaigned against Prop 8, faced down Westboro Baptist, and learned when the exact moment comes that it is ok to hang up on my mother to not incite an all out war regarding sexuality. Among many, many other things.

It’s NOT enough.

Let’s speak up. Let’s vote with our dollars. Let’s keep campaigning. Let’s scream in their faces and NOT. SHUT. UP. until they listen. It’s the very VERY least we can do when our friends and families are STILL being treated so poorly.