A Nice Round Number

It has come to my attention that there are no photos available online of me in high school. Something seems off about that. I promise to have at least one scanned in (and posted) by tomorrow. ::nods:: For now, all you need to know? Our colors were purple and silver, and our mascot was a cougar. I was about 20 lbs heavier. Much silliness ensued.

So. Yesterday was exactly 10 years from the day I graduated high school. Which is funny when you think about the fact that I still get people assuming I’m 19 years old. (Is it that I look really young, or that the 19 year olds are looking much older now?)

It’s a little surreal, and just … odd. Though it does offer a convenient way to nail down how many years I’ve known people. But for the most part it’s just … well, I can’t describe it. I tend to float through, living life, and not paying much attention to time. So, to have a solid time frame to line things up with? WEIRD.

It should be said, there will be a reunion, and I am not going. Partially because it’s on Labor Day weekend in California (hello expensive flights + accommodations + THE UBER EXPENSIVE REUNION TICKET PRICE**), but mostly because anyone I am interested in seeing I’ve kept in touch with. Facebook is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

So … how about you guys? Have your reunions happened yet? Coming up soon? Are you JUST out of high school and the thought of 10 years is something you’re not paying attention to?

* The one big exception to this has been the past year. I’ve promised the husband I’ll stop telling him “Happy Anniversary!” on the 15th of each month once we hit one year. He’s got 2 months to go. What? I’m a sap!

** $150 PER PERSON. This is for a 4 hour event, including dinner (but not drinks), and a DJ. The excuse is that “September is prime wedding season, and everything is more expensive!” Um … no. The venue – ok, there’s an expense. The food is definitely an expense. And the DJ, of course. But they’ve said up front that all “decorations” and photography have been donated. Invites went out online. They’ve admittedly done nothing else for it. (Which is fine.) If 300 people show up (the capacity of the venue) that’s $45k. Having just searched venues in that area (for the sister’s wedding), I know the venue rental costs $3,000. So, catering and DJ are $42k? Shenanigans. Shenanigans I say!

3 Comments to “A Nice Round Number”

  1. Did you want photos from high school posted online? ‘Cause I think I might be able to help you out there! *nods*

    I agree! As the years pass, I find myself a little unnerved at how quickly the years have flown. I’m not sure if I’ll be doing the reunion thing when it’s my turn next year, but I definitely feel you on the ridiculousness of what your class is asking. Who is benefiting from the profit of that scam?

    P.S. I wish people still mistook me for a 19 year old! I didn’t realize how much cuter I was back then. lol

    • Only if I get to approve them first. ::winks::

      Two words. Separated by four random ones to foil teh Googles: Jen. Tangerine. Swordfish. Disco. Car. Thrasher.

      Are we surprised?

  2. My 10 year high school anniversary has come and gone. I don’t think there even was a reunion. If there was, I doubt I would have gone. Also, $150 a person is ridiculous.

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