Meet Miss Christy

Hey guys, guess what? My best friend from high school recently completed her time at San Jose State University, and graduated with a degree in photography! Fancy! ::happy dance::

Isn’t she gorgeous?

Besides being completely and utterly proud of her (because DUH, of course I am!), I am totally blown away with her skill. I mean really, the amazing things that comes out of her camera are just crazy.

So with that let me introduce you to Christy, of Christina Brunk Photography:

(Click on it! It expands!)

What did I tell you?

Christy’s in the Bay Area, and available for pretty much anything you can throw at her: families, kids, graduations, engagements, maternity, trash-the-dress (in pools! and fountains!) … and I have a sneaking suspicion you could talk her into bridal portraits (and maybe even a wedding?) without too much trouble. =)

She also (clearly, I mean what DOESN’T this girl do?) does actual fine art photography and is currently working on pricing for prints. So all you art lovers out there? Go check out her stuff. Trust me. It’s GORGEOUS.

And all you Bay Area ladies? Christy’s a blast. Get to know her, hang out. She’s good people … and she won’t steal your beer. Win win, right? Oh … and she went to school with Emily (of Emily Takes Photos), so you KNOW she rocks.


Photo Blog:


* All photos used courtesy of Christina Brunk Photography.

4 Comments to “Meet Miss Christy”

  1. Moar Bay Area frendz for MEEEEEEEEE!!! Ahem. Just kidding. 🙂 But if you like her and Emily likes her, she must be Good People!

  2. I said it earlier and I’ll say it again! You are SO sweet to feature me! I love what I do and I love it when other people like it, too!

    I have to say it’s strange that we’re both so grown up now. =) I was just telling Daniel about ramen mush the other day and I can’t believe it’s been so long since we shared a bowl!

    • Tell me about it. I sat down the other night and reached over to snag a cookie from Jon … and then busted out laughing. That one took a while to explain. =)

      I think a trip to DC is in your near future. At least, I hope one is!

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