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June 17, 2011

Change of Plans

Sooooooo … today was supposed to be the day I directed your attention over to the “Workin’ It Out” tab and asked about your goals (and who was going to run the MCM 10k with me!). Grand plans for talk of training and fitness and goals and wellness and so on.

But, you see how only day 1 is marked off? Well, yah. This happened:


Yep, blew out the knee. Here’s the interesting bit … I’m not sure HOW I did it. The first training day I noticed it was hurting, so I haven’t run since then … and it’s only gotten worse. Today, we get the brace. JOY.

So … who has recommendations on stuff I can do to not lose the base I’ve built up, while I heal? It’s not like a bike or elliptical is going to do me much good right now. And Zumba is totally out of the question.

Quick! Someone help before I go drown my sorrows in cookie dough!