Style Help: Wedding Guest

Hey everyone, I need a bit of help. I’m heading to the wedding of one of my very best friends in a little over a week. (WHEE!) The invitation showed up with a requested attire of “Black Tie Optional” (I knooooooow) … and the wedding is in Houston.

Houston, Texas. In July.*

In an effort to not die from heat exhaustion, I’ve decided to wear this sassy little number:


Nice, right?

So here’s where I need help … I’ve got the dress, NOW WHAT? Seriously, jewelry, shoes, hair … pretty much everything.  Do I dark stocking it, or go bare-legged? And do I need a shawl to cover the open back (it’s lower than it looks on the model) for the ceremony (being held in a chapel)?

Gah! Decisions decisions!

Any and all help is appreciated, guys. I’m totally open. A couple of things to keep in mind, though:

          1. My hair, in humidity, goes CRAZY. Oh frizz, how I loathe you.

          2. I’m staying with the groom/groomsmen (My “roommates” from college!) the night before the
              wedding, so my get-ready plan needs to be quick, as there will be one bathroom for the 5 of us.
              (Oh, so you mean JUST LIKE COLLEGE?)

          3. Because I’m hoping on a plane in 10 days, Etsy ordering is pretty much out of the question. I  
              KNOW, right?! It gives me the sads.

And that’s about it. So, lovelies … any ideas? How would you rock this at an event where you’ll be with people you haven’t seen in 6 years?** Photos and big thanks to come. =)


* How the EFF is it nearly July?

** And an ex. Who I’m on good terms with, but haven’t actually seen in 2 years. Is it childish of me to say I MUST. LOOK. GOOD?

17 Responses to “Style Help: Wedding Guest”

  1. I’d fine a great pair of shoes in black or light beige (like the under layer of the dress). And a black pashmina from a boutique or department store. Bare legs and light on the make up — but maybe with a killer lip or eye (not both).

  2. Oh my, that is HAWT.

    I second Ms. Bunny’s thoughts. When it’s that sexy, everything else should be simple (which should make getting ready fast). I’d say black flat sandals if you’re tall or nude heels if you’re short + a black wrap. Jewelry isn’t really needed, maybe some little dangly earrings if you wear earrings. Trust me, this dress will stand on its own.

    (And I totally want it.)

    I wish I could help you on the hair, but my hair is the exact opposite—stringy and flat in humidity.

  3. I vote for killer black shoes, a black wrap for the church, bare legs, hair up (to combat the frizzies and show off the amazing back on that dress), and sparkly/dramatic necklace OR earrings (not both).

  4. I also vote for a pashmina, because you can cover up and then scrunch it into a ball and throw it in your bag when you’re done with it. Hair up will also keep you from sweating like a crazy person.

  5. OH! Forgot to say that a sparkly or pop-of-color clutch would be perfect…

  6. Ok, so the hunt for a pashmina begins. Any recommendations on where to find one?

    And yes, sparkly clutch. ON IT.

  7. I got nothing on style, but I can fill you in on Texas.

    Houston (well, Texas in general) has GROSS heat and humidity and it’s horrible right now. It’s like breathing a humidifier, except instead of tasting Vicks Vapor Rub abd hearing yoru mom sing you a song, you breathe dead fish and exhaust and hear Tejano music. And to compensate, they blast the air inside at like 60 something. Not everywhere, but most paces. So a definite yes to the shawl, just in case, if only to keep you from freezing. And no to hose.

    And extra strength deodorant. And possibly a travel pack of baby wipes in case you sweat from the car drive to the ceremony. And blotting paper for shiny foreheads. And a light perfume, which I only say because I have some perfumes (like BPAL) that are fine in cooler weather but in heat turn musky and funkdified….

    I’m probably over-dramatizing, but the last time I went to a summer wedding in Houston I got sweaty from the parking lot to the Rice chapel.
    Of course, my next Houston wedding was in April and in a snowstorm, so it’s hard to tell….

    • Oh my lord, you are my hero. TOTAL HERO!

      Extra deoderant + baby wipes in the car. Got it. Blotting paper in my clutch. Also got it. No heavy perfume (that one’s easy … I usually wear a lighter one to start with). Can do.

      Now, a more important question … what about when I come to you? Same rules apply? ::winks::

      • Nope! When you come see me, you can be as swampass as you wanna be! And after that four hour car ride, you totally might be. 🙂

        Ooo! And sunglasses and sunscreen. Especially for your drive. My farmer’s tan is unavoidable, but I know you won’t want one…

  8. a) I don’t want to talk about it being nearly July.
    b) Ms Bunny is on the money as usual. I think you should be fine with little earrings, no necklace (killer neckline!)
    c) the hair: I’d go for some sort of side bun, but that looks good on me. I’d go for simple and a bit of an up-do, but not at all fancy. That dress is va-va-voom. You’ll look good. Trust.

    • Ooo, low sidebuns or side ponytails are sexy. And not too fussy, so it may hold up in heat. (I don’t know, I have short crazy curly hair so I’ve got NO clue how pretty white girl hair works….)

  9. I am no help here since you were my go to for dressy moments in high school, but I’m absolutely certain that whatever you put together will make you look fabulous! Just remember to take a couple pictures for me, so I can see you in your stunning-ness!

  10. Hotness. And side bun. And very simple earrings, no necklace. Bold eye, pale lip. And killer smile. You’ve got this.


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