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June 24, 2011

The Dog Days

Well … not exactly. That starts a week and some from now (July 4th or 5th, depending on who you talk to), but close enough!

My favorite memories of summertime are actually from my junior high and high school years, not childhood. Every Memorial Day & Labor Day a bunch of us would get together and have a picnic. A huge picnic. With everyone we could think of (or in the younger days, everyone we weren’t being snobby about). Games were played, food was eaten, RIDICULOUS conversations were had, sunburns were rampant, and the occasional crush was developed. GOOD. TIMES.

I miss it, now. I miss being able to ask everyone what they’re doing with their day off so we can plan, and being given answers like “Oh, you know, catching up on housework.” Then again, that’s normally what’s going on in my house. It’s one of those little pieces of the past I wish I could resurrect, you know?

So … who’s up for a picnic on Labor Day? ::smiles::

And so, as we head into the first official weekend of summer (even though it’s FELT like summer for the past month!): What are your favorite summertime memories? Anyone have summer traditions? 

And who has great plans for THIS weekend? I know a couple of you do! Happy Weddings, ladies!!