Weekend Warrior

Ah, the weekend. A lovely time to relax, sleep in, not have to do anything ….

Um, right.

SO! This weekend I was determined to get to all the projects I pushed off last week when I hit my head (slammed it into the open freezer door).  Headaches and minor concussions do not mix well with a full schedule, so I was determined not to let the house slip TOO far.

But first, I had a little fun planned.

Originally, my friend Sharon and I were going to take her 3-year-old niece to a lavender farm to run through, and pick flowers. Turns out, the little one got sick, so we went by ourselves. Which was probably for the best when we got to the farm. It was supposed to look like this:

But ACTUALLY looked like this:

Yep. Bees. Little nasty honey bees, big fluffy bumblebees, carpenter bees, and the occasional wasp … EVERYWHERE. Oh, and contrary to what they were telling us, yes, the big fuzzy bumblebees DO sting if you annoy them … in fact, they can sting repeatedly.

Have I mentioned that I’m allergic to bees?

We managed to cut our lavender and escape unscathed, but that farm is going to go down in history as having “bushes of death”. I can still hear the buzzing. ::shudders::

Saturday night was spent at a psuedo-housewarming (they’d moved in 6 months ago, but are finally having people over). New friends (for me! Jon already knew them) were made. I fully intend on keeping them around. ::nods:: (YAAAAAAY!)

And then we had Sunday. Oh, Sunday. Sunday was my I’ma-kick-this-housework’s-ass day. My CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!* day. 

First thing in the morning I’m up and doing dishes and laundry SIMULTANEOUSLY. Fancy, I know. Then the bathroom. Then, I decided this would be the right time to re-paint the monstrosity that was the bathroom. You remember it, right?


Well, my friends, after many hours of turmoil, an entire roll of blue painter’s tape (the bane of my existence) and a fancy new painting toy***, what once was a little girl’s bedroom gone bad turned out to be a calming, almost GROWN UP**** space.



Of course I kept my ducks. No one touches my ducks!

After that, there was a well deserved (if I do say so myself) beer and the beautiful oblivion of sleep. Only to be woken up by the shrieking alarm***** telling me it was time to get up for work.


What did you all get up to this weekend? I got you flowers!

* For those of you unaware of the origins of this wonderful phrase … you’re welcome.

** I DID NOT pick out this color. I picked out a lovely über pale, almost ivory color. The idiot at the paint counter gave me the wrong color. It was light going up, but searing yellow when we woke up to dry walls the next day. And yes, I got my money back.

*** Seriously, everyone get this. I nearly wept for joy at how well it worked keeping things clean.

**** The HORROR!

***** 8 hours later, but STILL

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