Here and There

SO! Summer is upon us! And for some reason, this summer is travel heavy for me. Me, the broke one. What?

May, of course, was the big trip back to California to see the baby … done and done.

June/July, of course, was Texas to see Alyssa and Rachelle, and attend the wedding … done and done.

The rest of July I’m pretty much just sitting pretty … or, you know, dying for rest. A couple friends are coming into town this weekend, but that should be pretty low-key, as they’re only here for 2 days, and most of it is either eating or church people.  The boy’s birthday is on the 30th, so that’ll take some prep, and DEAR LORD, that’s only 2 weeks away. How is July half gone already?!

And then there’s August. Oh, August. Seems to always be the busiest time for me. Last year we, uh, got married. This year is looking to be PACKED. Traveling at least 2, probably 3, of 4 weekends. Getting the boy ready for his LAST SEMESTER AT SCHOOL (thank you, Jesus). Trying to keep our home in some semblance of order. All while being in the midst of budgeting at work. Whee!

But none of that is FUN. Let’s focus on the weekends away.


FIRST WEEKEND OF AUGUST I will be in New York! Yay!

A wonderful friend (who also happens to be an amazing singer and fabulous actor) is workshopping a new off-Broadway musical, and they’ll open it up that first weekend. I, of course, will be there. SO. That means I’ll probably be coming up Friday evening and leaving Sunday afternoon. See the show Saturday night. Hang with the friend if at all possible.

SO – who wants to come see this show with me? From what he tells me, it’s a comedy with fantastic music … and he plays, in essence, the damsel in distress. Apparently at one point he’s standing in the middle of the stage whimpering as a fight happens all around him. Should be fun!

And who wants to get food and/or bum around the city?

Where I’m staying is up in the air as of yet, so I’m open to suggestions there as well. =) 


THE SECOND WEEKEND OF AUGUST is our 1st anniversary! Squee!

No one’s invited to that one. Sorry. ::winks::


THE THIRD WEEKEND OF AUGUST I will be in New York! Again! Woo hoo!

Ya’ll know about this one. The APW Mass Reception for Marriage Equality! (If you have no clue what I’m talking about go HERE.) Which appears to be on a Thursday night … so, um … let’s work on getting time off work, ok?

If all works out as planned, we seem to have a carpool heading up from DC, and a place to stay. Now, let’s find fun dresses, yes? I recommend this place. =)

Who’ll be there? Who will be in the area, but not at the reception? Who wants to get together? Who just wants me to shut up? ::winks::

What am I forgetting??*


Oooh … this is going to be SO. MUCH. FUN!


* Oh, right. The 4th weekend of August. The 4th weekend I SLEEP!

One Comment to “Here and There”

  1. Whhhhhyyyyyy do I live on the West Coast? (Though we’re going to Italy in August, so I guess I’ve got no cause to complain…)

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