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July 13, 2011


You guys, you guys!! Guess what!

Remember how I told you my apartment building was awesome? Or rather that management was awesome? Here’s an example.


This lovely, old piece of equipment has served me well for a while … but recently decided it wanted to heat up 50-75 degrees hotter than I told it to. Which is not so great for the baking of cookies, and flat-out dangerous if I turn it up anywhere past 400.

Well, I reported it to management over the weekend. And look how they responded!


RIGHT?! Hooray brand new stove!! Let’s look at them side by side, strictly for comparison purposes:



Of course, I had to bake to try it out…


Oh, yes … it works. Liz has suggested a bake-off. Consider this my first entry.


* Seriously though, who’d have thought I’d get so much joy out of a new major appliance? Apparently, we’re getting old. ::winks::