You guys, you guys!! Guess what!

Remember how I told you my apartment building was awesome? Or rather that management was awesome? Here’s an example.


This lovely, old piece of equipment has served me well for a while … but recently decided it wanted to heat up 50-75 degrees hotter than I told it to. Which is not so great for the baking of cookies, and flat-out dangerous if I turn it up anywhere past 400.

Well, I reported it to management over the weekend. And look how they responded!


RIGHT?! Hooray brand new stove!! Let’s look at them side by side, strictly for comparison purposes:



Of course, I had to bake to try it out…


Oh, yes … it works. Liz has suggested a bake-off. Consider this my first entry.


* Seriously though, who’d have thought I’d get so much joy out of a new major appliance? Apparently, we’re getting old. ::winks::

8 Comments to “Domestication*”

  1. Totally worth the excitement!

    Now since those cookies look delicious, I assume this didn’t happen to you: at our old place, we had a terrible stove as well, and our landlady finally replaced it in the last few months we were there. They came and did it during the day while we were gone. In the evening we went to use it and within 20 minutes we realized our place reaked of burnt plastic. They had left the instruction booklet – which was inside a PLASTIC BAG – in the tiny compartment under the stove that we didn’t even know WAS a compartment. The booklet was completely burnt and melted plastic was stuck to everything. We had to air out the place for days. When we told her she just said “oh no, so there is no instruction booklet left?” Umm no.

    • Oh GAWD … what a mess! No, our maintenance guy left the booklet (unwrapped even) on the counter with the service ticket. And the “warming drawer” (that’s what this manual called it anyway) is one of the first things I check … to make sure it’s not a seperate broiler, because I keep my lids there.

      But seriously, there’s NOTHING worse than burnt plastic. Gross. =(

  2. Yaaaaaaaaay! Our kitchen is my favorite part of our new place (well, that and the walk-in closets, maybe). Funny how domesticated we’re becoming, eh? 🙂

  3. Wow, talk about a competent management company. I’m impressed.

  4. Dude, if new appliances showed up in my new house I would faint. How wonderful!

    • I just about did when they told me they were putting it in. When I actually SAW IT, there were massive happy dances.

      Heck, there are STILL massive happy dances going on. =)

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