Style Help: Yay New York

It’s that time again! When I turn into your personal dress up doll and you help me pick an outfit.

This time around, I’m jumping in a car with Ms. Rachel and we’re heading up to Yay New York = A Mass Reception for Marriage Equality. Where I’m hoping to see many MANY of you!

This calls for a sparkle dress.

Here are our options:


1. Blugirl – All over sequins and tulle. Unfinished hem, which reviews saw either helps it flow, or makes it stick together. Either way, cuteness.



2. Halston Heritage – Again with the all over sparkle (the stripes are metallic), but in a totally different shape. I may or may not have the chest to pull this look off, but I’m willing to try!



3. BCBGMaxAzria – Not quite a sparkle dress (the stripes are black and white print), but fancy all the same! The shape is totally different, and FUN.



4. Tibi – Back to all over sparkle, and with a little color this time! I’m not convinced this one is fancy enough, but could be persuaded.


As an added bonus, the model in 3 out of the 4 dresses is the closest to my height (she’s an inch taller) out of all RTR’s models, so the length of the dresses should be about the same on me as they are on her. I’d hate for there to be surprises on the length.

So … each one has its pros and its cons … and for me none of them really jump out above the others. Help me out here! Which should it be?

6 Comments to “Style Help: Yay New York”

  1. Personally dress 2 is my fave, but I think you’d look great in dress 1.

  2. I like dress 1! (Dress 4 kinda looks like a sequined bath towel to me….)

  3. Just to confuse you further, I like the sequined bath towel because it’s a color. But I also agree that 1 is cute, it’s both fancy and fun, though the pearls are kinds of distracting me…

  4. The Halston Heritage. Or the first. Both are suppa hawt.

  5. I am probably too late but I vote for #3 or #4 – 3 because it’s silly and different, and 4 because it’s a color and you can pull off the shape (which THIS gal canNOT). I hope you have some killer colorful accessories picked out! Hope you both have a fab time!

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