A Little Wedding Planning Commiseration

Searching through my email for our vows to post on APW’s open thread last week I came across this: an emailed to-do list to my then-fiance.

From 10 days before our wedding.

It should also be noted … I sent this less than 2 days before I LEFT THE STATE for the wedding. Oops.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Sarah
Date: Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 11:31 AM
Subject: Things to do
To:  The Boy

1. Pick a song for our “first dance.”
2. Practice dancing briefly, so we don’t trip over each other. *
3. Put together the music (four hours worth) we want for the reception
4. Put together the music (processional, bridal, recessional) we want for the ceremony
5. Call about the guys suits **
6. Decide if you want Dustin to stand with you. If so, ask him to. ***
7. Choose vows
8. Make a decision on the menu & contact Collette’s
9. Contact the Betancourts and Huffs (Ray didn’t reply to me when I asked about his parents)
10. Work on Susan’s jewelry (this one is me)
11. Pack for the trip
12. Unpack the apartment
13. Get things put into storage
14. Write thank you notes for shower gifts (this one is me) ****
15. Mail said thank you notes (also me)
16. Eat an actual meal or two
17. Get SOME sleep

I’m sure there are things I’m missing.

10 days out, people. To say we were behind is to understate it significantly. Then again, this WAS about the time when we figured out the things people (my mother) told us had been taken care of actually WEREN’T.

My point here? If you’re planning and getting overwhelmed … just know that THIS is what my list looked like (and it got longer before it got shorter) only 10 days out … and we still ended up married. Without dropping anything we felt sad about. =)

And if you’ve already been through it and are safely on the other side? You’re welcome for the laugh. ::winks::


* Boy. Doesn’t. Dance. (SADFACE) We barely moved during our first dance. Everyone thought it was because we were so wrapped up in each other … really, it was because he was terrified he would step on me.

** Yah, the guys suits ended up being acquired … by me … 4 days out. You read that right. They ALL dropped the ball. ::shakes head::

*** Yes, we’re talking about our wedding party here. Yes, 10 days from the wedding. Dustin had been asked to be an usher (and was already planning on renting a suit, so no unexpected costs were involved), but Jon at last second started wavering on having just my brother with him, or Dustin as well. As it turned out, he stood up with us. And did so with extremely good humor and grace, for being asked SO late.

**** THIS. NEVER. HAPPENED. However, I DID make a point to find each woman (this was the shower the church ladies threw me) within the following weeks and thank her profusely. Maybe not as good as a note, but it was appreciated the same way. Whew!

5 Comments to “A Little Wedding Planning Commiseration”

  1. Oh lady. 10 days out we didn’t have a rehearsal dinner venue. Can you imagine? 🙂

    • Oy! Totally can. Hell, 10 days out we weren’t even sure we were HAVING a rehearsal dinner. (It ended up just being lunch after the rehearsal at a nearby restaurant. Oh well!) That was an email in and of itself.

  2. Oh yeah. Our list 10 days out was gigantic. It’s just how it goes.

  3. This made my day. At 6 weeks out I literally have four handwritten pages of lists. My favorite was #12—unpack the apartment? That sounds like something that is way bigger than a single line wedged in the middle of a to-do list!

    • It was totally not on my mental ‘list-of-important-things’. So, it totally didn’t get done in those three days … but I did come back to a mostly unpacked apartment, thanks to my brand-new husband. He did it in the 4 days after-I-left-but-before-he-flew-out as a surprise.

      Best. Surprise. Ever.

      Good luck with your lists, lady. I know it seems overwhelming now, but you’ll get there!

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