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August 23, 2011


My body has decided to rebel against me. Today’s lovely issue … teeth.

Funny, considering I was JUST talking with Becky and Christy yesterday about needing to get to a dentist. Well, now I don’t really have a choice.

Last night during dinner I took a bite of dessert (soft foods) and WHAM, serious pain, up the left side of my face. Nothing hard to bite, so I don’t think I cracked anything, but HOLY CRAP IT HURTS. Overnight the pain localized (and kept me awake, rawr) and got even worse, if that’s possible. Well, worse at some points, almost non-existent at others. Stupid comes-in-waves-pain.

I spent the morning calling straight down the list of “in-network” providers within the area. THANKFULLY one can get me in at 7am tomorrow. Thank God.

Let’s all hope it’s just a previously missed cavity that got deep, and needs filling. That’d be free. But if I need a root canal … well, let’s just say the car payment (and my sanity) is going to suffer.

Oh, and right … have I mentioned that I hate dentists?


I’m gonna go curl up and weep now. Talk amongst yourselves.