My body has decided to rebel against me. Today’s lovely issue … teeth.

Funny, considering I was JUST talking with Becky and Christy yesterday about needing to get to a dentist. Well, now I don’t really have a choice.

Last night during dinner I took a bite of dessert (soft foods) and WHAM, serious pain, up the left side of my face. Nothing hard to bite, so I don’t think I cracked anything, but HOLY CRAP IT HURTS. Overnight the pain localized (and kept me awake, rawr) and got even worse, if that’s possible. Well, worse at some points, almost non-existent at others. Stupid comes-in-waves-pain.

I spent the morning calling straight down the list of “in-network” providers within the area. THANKFULLY one can get me in at 7am tomorrow. Thank God.

Let’s all hope it’s just a previously missed cavity that got deep, and needs filling. That’d be free. But if I need a root canal … well, let’s just say the car payment (and my sanity) is going to suffer.

Oh, and right … have I mentioned that I hate dentists?


I’m gonna go curl up and weep now. Talk amongst yourselves.

6 Comments to “WAH”

  1. Aww man! That is crazy that we were just talking about this! Hopefully it’s nothing huge and it can get taken care of (for free or cheap) and quickly! XO!

  2. Ohh no! Tooth pain is the worst. I have had kidney stones and I am not sure that they are really worse than serious tooth pain.
    I hope it is a quick easy and affordable fix.

  3. UGH TEETH. My nemesis. I won’t even tell you how much cash Scott and I have bled in the last 2 years because of our teeth. But I will tell you that the sooner you see someone the less it costs, so good on you. And you will feel sooo relieved doing something about it rather than sitting around fearing, even if it’s expensive. And also, floss! If you don’t already, that is. I didn’t. But I do now and it has changed my life.

  4. Teeth are the worst. I hope it is an easy peasy fix.

  5. Clearly I am behind the times since I didn’t even read this until after I saw your tweets this morning. But I’m sorry you’re in so much pain! I hope the dentist can make it better fast!

  6. Thanks guys!! Turns out, my wisdom tooth that had previously come in without any issues decided to keep growing. So it has to come out. And by cramping the other teeth, it caused enough damage in one (the painful one) that THAT ones needs a root canal. FUN.

    So quick fix today (unless you count the pain meds he gave me), but all should be well the day after Labor Day. That’s when I get to go in … for the 1st time of several fix-it visits. ::sighs:: At least the pain and major work will be done then!

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