As many of you will remember, last week I went off my rocker on Twitter trying to figure out who sent me the large cardboard box sitting on my doorstep. You see, this box contained THIS:


WHEE!! But seriously, that’s a rather expensive surprise gift.

Much digging around happened (all the while trying to keep myself from being giddy over the entire thing) until finally my phone rang:

“So I hear they forgot to put our note on the packing slip.” *

It was Miss Jenn, the lovely lady who I’ve been working with to alter and personalize her Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress wedding gown! She and her bridesmaid, Monica, had arranged to send me the mixer as payment and thank you for the work I was doing on their dresses.


Now knowing who the mystery benefactor was, I proceeded to jump around the house squealing, with the husband. He knows it’s something I’ve been wanting for a long time (seriously, I had to choose between a mixer and other things multiple times in the past couple of years), and was just as giddy as I was to finally have it. **

So we unpack it, and realize … OOPS … our kitchen stuff really doesn’t match. But crap, this is the color that was especially picked out for us (i.e. it wasn’t the standard red). Hmmm … what to do?

Well, Jenn settled that. While stopping by for her final fitting she saw it on the counter and said “Huh, that’s not the color I thought it was going to be.” She proceeded to fill me in on the sneakiness she and Rachel had been doing, trying to figure out which color we wanted, and told me to return it for the color we liked best.

So we did. ***

She showed up yesterday.



Meet … well, she doesn’t have a name yet. Lauren says she looks like “a lady who lunches”. Anyone have name suggestions? And I tell you right now, my mixer will NOT be named Muffy. Yick.

Isn’t she pretty? I may or may not have spent the better part of last night with my cheek pressed against the top, hugging her. What? Don’t look at me like that! You’d do it, too!

So yes … a name is needed. And a suggestion for an inaugural use. After all, the weekend is here, and the great wide world of baking is mine to conquer!



* Or something along those lines. Sorry, Jenn, I can’t remember exactly!


*** The color is Pistachio, for those interested. The husband keeps saying it looks vintage-y … which is the same thought I had when I first was looking at the different colors. $10 says it’s the same color as my mom’s. It goes perfectly in our kitchen. I LOVE IT.

18 Responses to “WIN!!”

  1. That color is fab! It makes me think of Jersey diners, which is a nice warm feeling.

  2. yayyyy I’m glad now its the right colour 🙂 enjoy it! and bake me cupcakes 🙂 after I wear the dress of course.

    Still haven’t called Amazon to complain about their stupidity. hmm, I should get on that

    and he would love that it looks “vintage-y” 🙂

    • Actually, this one came without a packing slip as well. It’s either falling out of the box (there were holes cut so they could scan the barcode) or they just don’t include them in the already-packaged items. Which is stupid. If you can’t include a packing slip, don’t offer to put a gift message!

    • And yes, cupcakes. Naturally.

  3. My husband bought me one for Christmas a few years ago. It was red which matches my kitchen (and was no short miracle since he is color blind). I squeed and forgot to open the rest of my presents as I was too busy unpacking and plugging in my new mixer. My husband swears I am the only woman in the world who gets kitchen appliances and carpet cleaners as gifts and is not pissed off about it. I told him he was daft as I couldn’t think of one of my girlfriends who would not be thrilled at a mixer like that. I made him molasses cookies (Ok I made them for both of us since they are both of our favorite cookie) to celebrate the mixer.

    I love the pistachio though. It does have that vintage feel to it. Ladies that lunch makes me think of names like Sandra, and Tatum, Elise. Not sure if those are good names for mixers or not, but its the best I have. My naming convention for inanimate objects is typically to name it the first name that comes out of my mouth when I speak to it. Unless it is a plant and then it is named George (as in George Harrison).

    • I’ve always had trouble with Christmas lists and such because I’m not really one for completely frivolous things. But get me an appliance I’ve been lusting over and you’re my favorite person. Which is why our wedding registry gifts were so rapturous. ::laughs::

      There was a second box to be opened when I got home, and I made sure to do that one FIRST, so that I wouldn’t forget about it in the mixer-happiness. Because I totally would have.

      That is actually the way I normally name things. It happened that way with my dress form. But Lauren pulled out “ladies who lunch” before I’d actually SPOKEN, so then all I could think of was Muffy. And that is NOT happening.

      Also … George. I love it.

  4. Yes, that color is SO retro – love it! I have a dark blue but now wish I had it in red to match our kitchen.

    Inaugural use? CAKE, of course! Let me know if you need a good recipe. =)

  5. I look at that lovely color and all I can think is “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”… which makes it… Holly Golightly? 🙂

  6. Ohhh, it’s thaaat Jenn! Hi Jenn! Rachel told me you are also 9/17?, and I had a mental block, but now I know that gravatar and lady who says smart things on APW. 😀

    Yay Jenn! And mixers! That is an excellent color. I like Holly. And also Alice, because it makes me think of a diner lady.

    (Proofreading this comment has made me realize the effects of the iced coffee I had today is totally apparent in my writing.)

  7. Omg, the letterpress. That was bananas. Jenn rules.

  8. Ohhh I am so jealous now. How lovely, and what a special gift from the sisterhood of the traveling dress receiver 🙂
    That color is beautiful, I love green aqua green, turqoise green, light green. It does look vintagey. Enjoy the baking !

  9. OOOH she is gorgeous. And Alice is a perfect name for her.


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