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September 16, 2011

Once More

What, you guys thought I’d leave you hanging with the reunion drama?

In the last month, a new reunion has been put together. For October. At the local Dave & Busters … also known as the place people hung out at while we were IN high school. On the plus side, this makes it local for many many many of the people who will be attending. And it’s signifcantly cheaper. On them minus side … well, you guys have read enough of my opinion on this to figure out the minuses. =)

The latest drama is the freaking payment. YET AGAIN the organizer (totally different girl this time) use her own money to put down a non-refundable deposit. Then took RSVPs, but not payments. Now, she’s trying to collect money. Let’s just say, it’s not going well.

From the past week:


Hey everyone, only a few days left to send in your payment, we haven’t received payment from half of the RSVPs, in order to get this show on the road.. We need those payments!! Keep sending them in, hope u see EVERYONE on October 22!!

Payment is due this Friday 🙂 We are in very grave danger of having to cancel because we got your RSVPs, but not your payments. Only about half have paid. We have worked really hard and have given a considerable amount of money for this already, all we need is your payments now. Payment is NOT accepted at the door. If we don’t get your payments in by Friday, we will have to cancel. Links to Paypal have been sent to your email and are on this page. You even have an option to drop by a Wells Fargo to pay. Please send in your payments so we can keep this going.

It’s [name removed] here, and I wanted to write you all because I want to let you all know, we have worked really hard at getting this reunion organized, nice, and fun. We listened to all of you to change the date, changed the entire reunion committee, and changed the venue to make it local. We even made sure all of you gave your RSVP’s before we put our deposits down, to get the excitement rolling again!! Now do something for us and pay!

Hey everyone: If you are in some sort of financial trouble and you cannot go anymore, please let us know…our money is on the line too, and the longer we wait, more money of ours is down the drain, which honestly, is not fair to us. Please let us know. Thank you!! 🙂

Good Afternoon everyone!! Woke up to a lot of payments and e-mails, which is great! It gets us pumped! There were a few questions I would like to answer: You will be refunded if we have to cancel, which I hope we don’t! 🙂 Being honest, we can’t make this happen without your payment! If your plan is to pay on the 16th, please let me know…but if you’re thinking about waiting until the 17th, its not wise because if everyone thought that, this wouldn’t happen.
Thank you to everyone who paid today and yesterday, things are coming together and things are looking up, let’s get those payments in by Friday so we can take the next step!! The reunion is only 6 weeks away, it is gonna be such a blast!!!
Payment is due this Friday! Don’t wait, pay so we can make this happen!!!
Thank you so much to all our classmates who have stepped up to the plate the last couple of days and made your payments on PayPal and gone into your local Wells Fargo!! It really shows how much everyone appreciates the committee’s hard work and how pumped up everyone is for our reunion!! It’s gonna be a blast!!!
only 1 day until payment is due!! We need your payments to make this happen! 🙂
Just a heads up, we haven’t received enough payments yet to put the next deposit down, remember there is only 1 day left!!! Let’s do this class of 2001!!!!
Payment is due tomorrow!!!!! Send them in! We need to make this happen!
Tomorrow is the last day to pay, hopefully people come through so we can make This happen!!! Email us if u have any questions or concerns
Only hours left to make your payment for our reunion!! Hope everyone comes through!! Let’s do this!
And THAT doesn’t even include the emails they’ve sent, and personal messages they’ve put on people’s FB walls. I’ve been emailed four times saying they haven’t received my payment … and responded that they didn’t get my RSVP either, so stop harassing me.
Hmm. Something tells me this isn’t going to happen.
Oh … and for those of you wondering about the caliber of people I went to school with? Here’s a bit I snagged from one of my classmate’s pages. All spelling errors are hers:
Religious Views
Political Views
Favorite Quotations Life is drama drama is life deil with it. Go foreword to the future and never look back. To know you is to love you to love you is to know you. Quote form st tng’s data
Have a good weekend, guys. =)