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September 22, 2011


Sometimes, just sometimes, I know what I’m talking about.

The husband did not go about this whole college thing very well. He took his time, took extra fun classes instead of the ones he was supposed to take *, and waited untill the VERY LAST SECOND for some rather important things.

This December, God willing, we’re DONE with school. Finally. Barring me going back (which is the plan at some point or other) the whole we’re-a-student-family thing will be DONE. Which means it’s time to get together his graduation petition, right? Due October 1st, no problem.

Um, big problem. He was a class short. A class he’s known about for almost a YEAR. A class we’d talked about all summer and he’d assured me was taken care of. 3 weeks into the semester and only 5 DAYS from the add deadline, he hasn’t attempted to add the class. Of course, the professor said no.

So, we look for other options. Find a class that fits into his schedule and meets the requirements. Professor agrees to add him. Go to the registrar and … nope, sorry, the classroom is at its capacity (Not the class, the classROOM. Fire codes and all.) Petition the correct office to re-assess the capacity. Hear back that they cannot, as the building is not owned by the university. We’ll need to go to the building owner, who will have to go through DCRA.**

Clearly, THAT was not going to happen in the 3 days we had left. Tired and stressed I told him the best solution would be for the prof to open up another section of the class. Then he could sit in on the class, but the registrar would be able to enroll him in the new section. Done and done, right? He looked at me cross-eyed. Apparently I was speaking French, and he was not comprehending a word. He decided to talk to the prof and see what could be done.

Well, last night he got an email. Prof says he’ll enroll husband in an independent study course … graded based on the syllabus for the over-full class. He’ll be required to attend as if he was enrolled in said over-full class. Registrar approves. Husband looks at me and says “wow, that’s a really smart solution!”

I blinked at him.

“Um, that’s EXACTLY what I suggested.”

Never let it be said that I don’t know what I’m doing. College? Professors? Pssh. I learned THAT system YEARS ago.


* His school offers a service they call “Degree Map”. We were looking at it last night. Credits wise, he’s 120% on track for graduation. CLASSES wise, he’s only at 94%. As of today that’ll be 100%, but really … 20% extra?!

** The DC Office of Regulatory Affairs. I deal with them regularly in my line of work. They are the definition of slow.