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October 4, 2011

Almost Painless

You all were so amazing with the hair tips yesterday that I HAD TO DO IT. I stopped at the store on the way home and found a color … in 2 different brands.


A frantic tweet for help went unanswered* so I spent the better part of an hour pacing, trying to figure out which one. Finally I decided to go with the slightly more expensive (and let’s be honest … cooler looking box) brand. I picked a color I deemed to be safe (less red than I was planning on … just in case it all went horribly wrong) and went home.


The box promised me the process would take 10 minutes, the formula would be no drip, and the results would be shiny and wonderful.

Well … one out of three isn’t TOO bad.

The process, all told, took about 30 minutes. 5 for mixing of the color, another 5 for the fighting of the towel that was SUPPOSEDLY draped gracefully around my shoulders, and 20 for fighting all my masses of hair. Masses of hair that were decidedly rebellious.

One quick note … everyone online said one box should only be enough for shoulder length hair. My hair is currently down to my bra clasp, in the back. I used about 2/3 of a box. My hair is super thin, maybe that’s why?

As for the drip part … well, let’s just say my husband was sitting on the floor at midnight, trying to cut a drip from the light bathroom rug. Clearly, I won’t forget to remove that again. Oh well, the thing needed to be washed anyway.

But, guys, I did it. With no major screw ups! HOORAY! Not that I changed my color very much (less than intended … I chickened out!) … but it’s enough to make me happy. See for yourselves:


Hair until yesterday! Pretty! Curly! Blurry! Nice enough, but not really doing it for me. So, it’s now:


Shiny! Straight! Faceless!

I know it’s hard to tell, but there is red. You can only really tell when they’re side by side:


Which is why the alternate title to this post could be “How to Dye Your Hair for Yourself and No One Else”.

A quick review on the L’Oreal Healthy Look: this product rocked. Yes, it was drippy, but it wiped off my skin cleanly without any trouble. I even forgot to put the gloves back on when I went to rinse everything out, and even my nails are still clean. And this was some DARK dye. The shower, countertops, and sink cleaned up with minimal effort. Fabric was another story all together. A lot of reviews say it made their hair feel like straw, but mine came out (after using the included conditioner) silky and easy to brush. Speaking of the conditioner though … I wouldn’t use it again. It has a pretty strong smell that I’m just not in love with. It’s not BAD, but not really to my liking.

I’ll definitely use this again. **

So … what’dya think?!


* Christina DID speak up, after I’d been home. She came with a personal recommendation, and made me happy I’d spent the extra $2. =)

** Of COURSE the morning after I dye my hair I get both Living Social and Groupon offering me salon deals. And Jenn tells me there’s a new Paul Mitchell school nearby. Pssh. Next time…