Style Help: Party Planning

Thanks to a lovely birthday certificate from Rent the Runway (yay, perks!), I’m starting Christmas party preparations early this year. Specifically, WORK Christmas parties.

You see, I’m in that always awkward situation of being a first-time attendee to my company’s holiday blowout. All I know of said blowout is that it’s on a Thursday night, and I’ve been told I shouldn’t miss it. What I DON’T know is the vibe of this party … what does everyone wear? Should I eat ahead of time? Figure out a ride home so I’m not driving? Is it a cocktail party, or a seated dinner, or dinner and dancing?

Hrumph. It couldn’t be EASY, right?

So … I think I’ve settled on a dress. But I need help! Does this outfit work? Should I look for something else? Make additions? Take something out?

Ah, affirmation.

In any case … here we go:




Fairly modest, business cut. But the color makes it fun! I figure I can wear a cardigan to work that day, then take it off for the party. If everyone else is in their business wear, it fits. If everyone is in party wear, it STILL fits … it’s a Kate Spade, after all.




I already have these in my closet … well, not THESE, but some that look almost exactly like them. Done and done.





This bangle is really just too good to pass up. Also Kate Spade, it matches the dress PERFECTLY. And it’s only $32. Anyone want to get it for me for my birthday? ::winks::

To play off the gold in the bangle, I have a pair of leaf-shaped gold wire earrings … gifted by my husband a few years ago. The only picture I have of them is in a full outfit shot from a while ago, but you can get an idea of the shape and size:




To further play off the gold of the jewelry (and the black of the shoes), there’s this bag. Do we think it’s too much?


So there you have it. What do we think? Opinions and other options are more than welcome!

4 Comments to “Style Help: Party Planning”

  1. Ummm, I think it’s super cute. Festive without being too red-and-green holiday-y, and versatile.

    Can you ask any of your coworkers for more details about the party, maybe?

    • Oh! I guess I should explain. I do property management and am on site at my building, so my daily coworkers are 2 engineers and occasionally a VP … two of which are as new to the company as I am (my building’s contract was won by a new company, new company offered us positions to stay). The third hasn’t been to any of the parties because, as he says, “Why would an engineer go?” (Which makes no sense, you’re an employee aren’t you?)

      I tried to talk to someone about it during a training last week, but she just shrugged. Then again, maybe she wasn’t the best to ask … in a room full of people in business formal attire, she was in a sweatshirt and jeans.

  2. Oh that is the absolute perfect dress to straddle the weird “Is it business or is it a party?” line. Love the color!

  3. Noms. noms noms noms these posts are the bestest.

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