Now We Are 28

And so, another birthday passes.

This year, the birthday passed with a lot of reflection. I’m 28 … officially closer to 30 than 25. Going into my third year living outside California. Third year as a godmother. Second year being a wife. And 10 years under my belt living as an adult, supporting myself.

The funny part is, I can look at that list, and not understand where in it I grew up.

I noticed early last week that my best friend had friended someone new on Facebook. Said new friend happened to be a mutual friend … and mutual ex.* So, as you do, I proceeded to FB stalk him.

While reading up on his business and flipping through photos of his family, I kept being struck by how ODD it all is. These are people I partied with 10 years ago. Who, in our early twenties, flirted with everyone around us … and each other** … and usually got what we wanted. Who navigated the shallow end of the “adult relationship” pool, hand in hand. Who stayed up all night, laying on the floor singing (true story), and got so giggly drunk we could keep someone entertained for hours. Who went to concerts and hockey games, and were the hottest things around … just by virtue of believing we were.

And here we are, reinvented as wives, husbands and parents. No less hot (of course), but a bit more mature. At least one of us is a homeowner, another owns his own thriving business, and yet another has been divorced. Three of us have gotten engaged in the last 3 weeks. And when we’re together, we complain about work over our drinks, instead of boyfriend drama.

Age is a sneaky thing. It creeps up when you’re not looking and BAM one day you’re expected to be the adult/wife/husband/mother/father when you still feel like the wildly fabulous 21-year-old you swear you were, just yesterday.

Which makes me wonder … when our mothers were spending so much time embarrassing us by “trying to be cool” … just maybe it was that they still felt the same way they did when they were young and nothing could touch them.

Skye and I are totally going to be those mothers. ::grins::


Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes … it was a great day. Much love to you all. ::smiles::


* Her high school boyfriend, who I ended up dating at 22. Interestingly, this was not the first time this has happened to me … of the three closest girlfriends I’ve had in my life, we each have one ex in common … separated by enough years that we aren’t pissed off about it. I suppose this is the power of staying friends with your exes.

** Like I said, mutual ex.

One Comment to “Now We Are 28”

  1. Hope it was magical! (Or at the very least, that you got a yummy meal. 😉 )

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