Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a few patterns emerging. Or … re-emerging. That’s a better word.

I’ve started listening to music in terms of choreography.

Moving the furniture out of the way, to create a dance space.

Picking clothing based on how I can move in it.

And then there are the shoes: I bought a pair of soft leather flats about a month ago. I wear them maybe 3 times a week … and I’m noticing some wear in them. Specifically, in the spots my splits usually wore out in first. Which means I’m unconsciously standing and moving in dance patterns.

Somehow, something has shifted in my brain. I’m getting back into the thought and movement patterns I lived with for so long … and have tried to ignore for the past 5 years.

So let’s be brave.

I booked my spot in the Merce Master Class.

::deep breath::

6 Comments to “Patterns”

  1. Yay! You go girl!

  2. That’s awesome! Go Sarah, go!

  3. Oh hell yes!

    I love the subconscious patterns that our body/brain uses to tell us that we’re ready for something. We’re so much more amazing than we ever think we are.

  4. Dance is deep within you. Even though you aren’t consciously dancing doesn’t mean your body isn’t unconsciously dancing. I’m really happy you booked a spot in the class.

  5. Yeah, so happy for you 🙂

  6. Yay, so glad you decided to do the master class!

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