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October 28, 2011

The Run-Up

So … the race is this weekend. And, um, I’m not ready.

I really effed up when it came to my training schedule. Partially out of laziness, partially out of The Fear.


I’m in better shape now … 4 months ago I couldn’t go 2 miles, much less 6.2. As of two weeks ago, I was sure, beyond a doubt (because I’d just done it) that I could finish the race.

Still, I won’t run all of it. I’ll walk at least one minute for every 3 run. Most likely more. The legs can’t keep up just yet.

This is what I get for the lazy. And for not fighting the Fear.

But I’ll be out there, freezing my tail off in the pre-dawn hours. Sounds like fun, right? Because I’m nothing if not stubborn. Right, Christy?

Anyone out there going to come cheer for me?