The Run-Up

So … the race is this weekend. And, um, I’m not ready.

I really effed up when it came to my training schedule. Partially out of laziness, partially out of The Fear.


I’m in better shape now … 4 months ago I couldn’t go 2 miles, much less 6.2. As of two weeks ago, I was sure, beyond a doubt (because I’d just done it) that I could finish the race.

Still, I won’t run all of it. I’ll walk at least one minute for every 3 run. Most likely more. The legs can’t keep up just yet.

This is what I get for the lazy. And for not fighting the Fear.

But I’ll be out there, freezing my tail off in the pre-dawn hours. Sounds like fun, right? Because I’m nothing if not stubborn. Right, Christy?

Anyone out there going to come cheer for me?

3 Comments to “The Run-Up”

  1. I will be! It’s amazing what you’ve tackled to get here. And in the running clinic I did a while ago, they advised us to always run 10 and walk 1 min. Always. We started off with more walking of course, but even for the people training for marathons that’s what they advised. Apparently it’s just better for you.

  2. Yep, stubborn. But it helps you accomplish amazing things! Take it at your own pace, and count it in the win category when you cross the finish line. Imagine me doing spirit sprinkles on the sidelines whenever you feel like you need a pick me up!

    I’ve managed to take a class recently that re-injured my left knee after I had done so much work to strengthen it. I’m frustrated that the instructor didn’t use proper technique and taught us incorrect positioning that tweaked it, my elbow, and my shoulder. Hopefully I’ll still get to tick “Marathon by 30” off my bucket list.

  3. I’ll be cheering you from afar! The cold weather may be a bonus. You might find that you can run more and/or faster than you thought you could, just to get out the cold weather faster. At least, that’s how it often worked for me.

    Good luck lady! You’ll do awesome, no matter what pace you’re going at.

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