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January 10, 2012

2011: The Wins

So, let’s start on a high note, shall we?

While the past year was definitely a roller coaster, there were high moments! Let’s work our way through:

Over Valentine’s, the husband and I took our first (well, my first) trip to NYC to visit a few friends, and see a show. Coming in on the heels of a blizzard was maybe not the BEST plan in the world … but we managed it. It also set the stage for several more NYC trip (hop a bus! So easy!) throughout the year.


In March I started working for a national commercial real estate company.* It’d taken me almost 4 years (from the market originally crashing and my lay off) to get back into that position, in my field. My second day was the “all company meeting” for the DC area … and it felt like coming home. My place, within the business world, is in a corporate environment. Small companies, while lovely, leave me feeling like I’m not being productive. Take that for what you will, but that’s how it’s worked for me. CT isn’t a Fortune 500 company the way CB was/is, but it’s getting there.

April had me flying home to California for my sister’s baby shower … and what a shower it was! Never have you seen a couple more loved. They literally DID NOT HAVE ROOM for all the gifts they got. Craziness!


That same trip I was able to visit the Renaissance Pleasure Faire … and play a bit with my old guild. It’s amazing how easily you can slip back into the fabric of something you’ve been missing from for so long. And! One of my favorite people at the faire snuck up to surprise me while I was there! I may be guilty of squealing, leaping over the hay bale in front of me, and tackling him. MAY be. ::grins::

May saw me back in California for the birth of my nephew, Noah. Much cuddling and cooing occurred during this trip, lemme tell you! Too. Much. Sweetness.

I also got to spend some time with my godson (who’d just turned 3!) and best friend during that trip … always always always one of the best parts of any Cali trip. And at Disneyland! Can’t beat that!


PLUS! Having a long weekend at my disposal, I hopped a bus and made it up to San Fran to visit Lauren and Kamel! We laughed, we bounced (HOUSE OF JUMP! YAY!), we drank cheap wine and watched terrible addicting television. Plus, we got to meet Sharon & Jason as well! Not to mention delicious dinner. IT. WAS. PERFECT.



July 1st was the wedding of one of my very best friends. He’s so dear to me that I flew TO TEXAS IN JULY. I wore a fancy dress (and forgot to take photos until the end of the night!), flirted with old college friends, taught a buddy to moonwalk, and charmed the bride and her family. Mission accomplished.


While in town I got to spend some time with Rachelle (Pedicures! Delicious lunch!) and Alyssa (Terrible addicting TV! Theatre talk! Puppy snuggles!) … really, I got spoiled a bit this year with all the ladies I had a chance to visit. ::grins::

August was our 1st anniversary … so we ran away to a bed and breakfast in a tiny North Carolina town. Tiny is totally an understatement. It was quiet, well … except for the storm … and it was LOVELY.

I also really got down to work on Jenn’s beautiful wedding gown. Color me EXCITED.


At the very end of the month I was back in NYC for YayNY! … and managed to get stuck thanks to Hurricane Irene. There, I learned there’s nothing a little wine and an uproarious round of Phase 10 can’t fix!



And in September … Alice joined our household!! Nothing else needs to be said to express my glee. ::grins::

My 28th birthday was in October. I wore another fancy dress (NO pictures this time, SAD), drank wine in a dark bar, and celebrated with friends.


A week later, I ran my first race … ever. While it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, it was an accomplishment … one I sincerely hope to build on. Plus, cheering my husband on as he finished a marathon … AWESOME experience.



And then it was December, and I gathered up my courage and went to a Master Class with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company. A long wished for dream come true. And worth every pain and emotion involved.

Plus … Christmas!


I know there are things I’m forgetting. Who can help me remember? But, you know … all in all … 2011 wasn’t too shabby a  year!


*Said company does not like their name to be published on personal blogs/social media etc. I’m sure with a little sleuthing you could figure it out, if you’re so inclined. ::winks::