A triumph, I tell you!


That’s what I kept yelling from the kitchen last night. And that was even BEFORE tasting them.

After being inundated with Red Lobster commercials for the past month, these have been on my list to try and make. Thanks to a lovely link on Pinterest from the best, I had a recipe! Now, just to find the time…

Yesterday, the day was … icy. So we stayed in, and stayed in, and stayed in … until the prospect of yet another poorly written disaster movie (2012 anyone?) was enough to drive us both to shower and run out the door for dinner. Our destination? Cafe Rio. Is there one near you? Have you been there? If you answers are yes and no, respectively, run there. NOW. You’ll thank me.

So out the door we headed, into the ice and foggy breath … only to arrive 4 minutes after closing. 4 MINUTES. The husband pouted for the next 10. And as we contemplated what else we could eat, a little voice in the very back of my brain yelled “CHEESY BISCUITS!” So, I offered to take him to Target, and to make dinner myself.*

Target, a place that is guaranteed to cheer him up, is also a freaking drain. We went in for Bisquick, and a possible boy-cheering something or other, and left $68 later. Take note, this is NOT how we save money.

But! On the positive side, I had my chance to make the biscuits! And kids … they. were. so. easy. So easy. As in I-will-make-these-for-snacks-when-I-don’t-feel-like-cooking easy. So let’s get to it.

*** NOTE: These biscuits are soft, not flaky. That’s how I like ’em. If you’re going for flaky, sub the Bisquick for flour/baking powder/butter accordingly ***


You’ll need: **

2 cups Bisquick (I used original. If someone tries the gluten-free, let me know how it works!)***
1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
2/3 cup milk
2 tablespoons butter
1 teaspoon dried parsley
1 teaspoon garlic salt

Preheat oven to 400 F.

In a medium bowl, stir together the Bisquick, cheese and garlic powder.

Add milk and stir until JUST combined.

Drop spoonfuls (about 2 tablespoons? I didn’t measure) onto a parchment lined baking sheet.

Bake for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, melt the butter, and stir in parsley and garlic salt.

After 10 minute, brush the butter/parsley/garlic mixture on the biscuits.

Return to the oven for 5 minutes.

Serve hot … they’re best that way!


See, what’d I tell you? EASY.

One thing to mention though … these had a distinctly salty taste. Being a lover of all things cheese and salt (please see my Handi Snacks addiction), they were perfect for me. If you aren’t a fan of the sodium, sub more garlic powder for the garlic salt in the butter mixture. Problem solved.

So … what are you waiting for? GO MAKE ‘EM!

Have you cooked anything fun recently?


* Me cooking dinner is not an out-of-the-ordinary occurence. But for me to offer, at 8:15pm, on a Sunday, when we haven’t planned anything? He was excited, to say the least.

** This recipe is for 14ish small biscuits. I halved the recipe and it fed the two of us, along with pasta and salad.

*** DO NOT be seduced by the Bisquick “Garlic Cheese Biscuit” mix. NOT THE SAME, I tell you!

9 Comments to “A TRIUMPH!”

  1. I’m drooling. These look delicious.
    Also. I applaud you for making dinner at 8:15 on a Sunday. I would have grumped around and probably said something about him being on his own for dinner. Which usually results in him eating a PB and banana sandwich and me eating pesto and noodles.

    Target – otherwise known as “The $100 Club” – you go in for a pack of gum and toilet paper and inevitably come out having spent no less than $100.

    • I felt bad, I’d taken an extra-long shower, which led to our being later than expected … and he was so hopelessly sad. (Aww…) Plus, I had ravs at home, already made, just needing sauce. Pick up a bagged salad and BOOM, DONE.

      Oy, indeed. In light of that, $68 is not so bad. Costco is our big one though … I need contact solution? Ok, let’s spend $150 to get it. ::headdesk::

      • I’ve started using Amazon to buy toiletries for exactly this reason. I was actually kind of impressed that you made it out with $68!!

  2. So my dad is a general manager for Red Lobster. Growing up we loved to go visit him at his restaurant because inevitably we would get biscuits that way. He never brought any home. That was against the rules as far as he was concerned. You couldn’t just take food from work. None of us were ever pleased with this. I am sure it is a bigger crime to deprive your family of cheddar garlic biscuits.

    As soon as I moved out on my own I found a recipe to make them for myself (the same as yours actually) and I love them. I haven’t made them in forever though. Maybe I will do that tonight to go with our goulash since I have all those ingredients already.

    We have been so broke that there is no fun or interesting cooking going on. I tried a fun super cheap chicken lo mein recipe that used ramen noodles, but the sauce ended up tasting off. I think it was because it called for you to use the ramen seasoning packet. Next time I will leave that out and just go with the ginger and sesame oil I think it will be lovely.

    And I avoid Target unless I have spare money laying around (which is not right now). $100 is normal for us. I have no idea how it happens. I go in for conditioner and come out with two baskets full of stuff.

    • Hooray validation! ::laughs::

      Hmm, interesting with the ramen noodles. We acutally bought some lo-mein noodles last week and it was a DISASTER. As in I threw it out and made other dinner. I’ll have to try again. The ginger and sesame sounds lovely.

      • It was really simple. It was a bag of frozen stir fry veggies, chicken, and a pack of ramen. You cube the chicken and cook it in the sesame oil, then toss the veggies in the pan with the chicken to cook. The sauce was soy sauce, fresh ginger, the ramen packet, and something else I can’t remember off the top of my head. I added a little red pepper to it because we like things spicy. Next time I am going to take out the ramen and add a little sesame oil to the sauce as well because it had such a lovely flavor with the ginger.

        • Awesome, thank you! Something to try this week!

          • Found it

            1 clove garlic, minced
            2 tablespoons soy sauce or teriyaki sauce
            2 teaspoons freshly grated ginger or 1 teaspoon powder
            1/4 cup of water
            1 chicken Ramen seasoning packet

            I was forgetting garlic. How do I forget about garlic? But yea I would suggest nixing the ramen packet and subing a tablespoon or two of sesame oil and some red pepper flakes if you like spicy.

  3. I am so going to make these tonight. I have all the ingredients, and four bulbs of garlic that are starting to sprout. prefect timing posting them! Thank you Sarah.

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