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January 24, 2012

Share the Luck

So … when you have an instance of good luck, it’s always best to share it with others, right? Pay it forward, if you will?



At least, that’s how I operate.

For example … way back in the middle of wedding planning, I won a package from betsywhite consisting of a custom logo/monogram, thank you notes, napkins, and stickers. I paid it forward by bugging my sister to enter a wedding photography contest and begging for votes. You guys rocked it … and she won! She’s paying it forward by setting up a giveaway for some wedding services … she’s working out the details.

It’s always good to keep the luck going around, right?

Well, today’s that day!

In December, I entered a bunch of daily prize contests (sponsored by Rent The Runway) in an attempt to rack up entries into a grand prize trip. I didn’t win the trip … but I DID win a daily prize! A tote bag and a few accessories from Sachin+Babi! Fabulous!

A couple pieces were immediately sent off to various important ladies as gifts, but I’ve saved a bit for you … after all, you’re pretty important ladies (and guys!) to me. So, let me introduce you to the Triev earrings:



I apparently also give you crappy photos. There’s only so much I can do with my phone, you know. ::winks::



Also known as the Rorschach Fringe earrings, the Triev* are sterling silver. They hang 3.5 inches from tip to tip (about 3.25″ from post to tip), and weigh .05 ounces each. Perfect for that formal event you have looming on the horizon … or for adding some badassery to your every day attire, am I right?

Anyone interested?

If so! Leave me a comment, letting me know! I’ll leave comments open through Friday, and announce the winner (chosen through random drawing) Monday morning. And yes, all you non-US located lovelies are included. =)

So how about it? Fancy earrings for you? And we can’t forget … you’ll also receive this lovely linen bag I may or may not be obsessed with:


Blurry fingers not included.



* In the interest of full disclosure, these earrings retail for $295, and I paid nothing for them. This giveaway is sponsored by neither Rent The Runway nor Sachin+Babi.