Winner! Winner!

Good morning! Were you waiting for this post? ::winks::

First off, let me say … you all make me want to give EVERYONE things. All your stories and prodding and so one. Jeesh. As I told the husband, REPEATEDLY, thank GOD I didn’t say I’d judge on “best story”. Random drawings are LIFE SAVERS.

So for this, we went with the tried and true paper scraps in a bowl:



10 entires in all. One piece of paper for each of ya.

Swirled it around a few times, and the husband chose a scrap. And we had a winner!


Hooray!! Trisha! Winner winner winner!

So, Trisha, shoot me an email with your address, and your new fancies will be on their way to you tomorrow!

Thanks to everyone who entered. I had no idea how nerve-wracking hosting a giveaway could be … but you all (and your entries!) made it fun, too!


* After takeing photos I tossed Trisha’s entry back into the bowl and started goofing off, making the scraps of paper bounce around. After about a minute one of them went flying across the room. It was Trisha, AGAIN. Clearly, these earrings were meant for her.

2 Comments to “Winner! Winner!”

  1. Oh yay, oh yay! I’m bouncing in my chair I’m so excited. Thank you Sarah! I promise I’ll pass on the love the next time I get a chance too.

  2. Trisha!! You have to send us a photo with you wearing them. I demand it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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