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February 6, 2012

Nosy Fitness

Oh hey there … was I gone long?

10 second excuse: Sick. (Wah.) Pneumonia. (Ewww.) Struggling to breath does not make for easy blogging. (Pity me?)

So, while, I’m not 100% yet, my head is a little less fuzzy. Onward!


As you all know, some of my big goals for the early part of this year are to get my health* and really, weight, under control. Pay attention to what I’m eating, exercise more, etc etc etc. All in all, fit back into my work pants (I miiiiiiiiiisssss you, work pants!) and be aware of the effects my habits have on my weight and overall health.

Insert the Nosy Bitches™.** Spearheaded by Miss Kinzie, about 15 of us have embarked on a competition of sorts … we’ve all set our goals and put up our money … at the end, those that come closest to their goals (or hit them!) will split the winnings (or it might go to charity, we haven’t decided yet. As you do.). Hey, look at that! Built in motivation!

In setting up my goals, I did some long thinking. First off … I know how my body works. My weight fluctuates all over the place. So it’s not fair to myself to say ” I will be 135 lbs this week, or I’ve failed”, when I could easily be 135 one day, 137 the next, and 134 the day after that. Or hell, say I loose 3 lbs one week and none the next. While I’d technically be ahead of the game, I’d still owe for NOT HITTING MY NUMBERS. I stand firm in that the healthiest way to go about weight loss is to let your body set the pace, while you do the work. So, eat healthy, exercise, what have you. But don’t try and force yourself into tiny little boxed numbers. It can just lead to heartache, disappointment, and a lack of motivation. ***

So, I did not set a weight loss goal. I’m still on My Fitness Pal (it’s really been a game changer for me) … and it’s helping me keep track of what I’ve lost and gained, and keeping me honest. What I DID set were workout and calorie goals:

Goal 1: Workout 3 days a week or more.

Goal 2: Come in at or under my calorie count, 4 days a week or more.

The way I see it, if I can get comfortable hitting those two goals,  my targeted weight loss should naturally follow … right?

That’s the hope anyway. And if not? Well then, I’ve got a bigger body than I used to, but a SIGNIFICANTLY healthier lifestyle.

And that, in itself, is a win.

So … who’s all in on this? I’ve got 14 friends on my goal list right now … is anyone missing? What are your goals? How did you decide on them? What’re going to buy with all your winnings?! (That last one’s only partially a joke. ::winks:: )


* On the heels of a super nasty health issue, this strikes me as INSANELY funny.

** Yes, NosyBitches™. Kinzie used it a while back, and Shaelyn and I are all about making it happen, on Twitter this morning. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

*** This is not meant to shame anyone. This is how my body has taught me it works, and what is healthiest for me. Your body works in a different way? Awesome. Get on with your bad self. We have goals to reach!