So, last night, as I was preparing dinner, the husband came up behind me, wrapped his arms around my waist, kissed my cheek and said:

Will you be my Valentine? You don’t have to, I guess. But I want you to be.

Can I get a collective AWWWWW?

I smiled, and went back to the grilled cheese and turkey preperation. Tough stuff, I tell you.

What I DIDN’T know * was that he immediately went and posted this exchange on Facebook. Where the conversation took a rather … interesting turn:



For the record … the first two commenters are his friends, the rest are family. HIS family. Except for the last couple … those are my mom.

WHY does it always have to come back to babies? Yes, we want babies! No, not right now!

You’ll notice none of MY friends were pushy enough to comment. THEY have manners. Pssh. COUSINS.


* Didn’t know until this morning, as I blearly brushed my teeth and checked the various social networks.

You don’t see any of MY friends being pushy like that.

3 Comments to “::headdesk::”

  1. Ugh. I’d be so tempted to respond “an additional year later for every person who asks.” I wouldn’t have the guts to say it, but I’d really want to.

  2. My best friends mother keeps asking me when I am going to start having babies hoping it will make her daughter have babies. My mother in law also bugs us occasionally, but you know she has 8 grand babies already, my husband is the only of her four children that has yet to breed…well no that’s not technically true, but that’s a long story that ends with my husband in a bamboo cage full of water being hit be tazers in Ecuador. Still no need to pressure me.

    Families are dumb when it comes to babies.

  3. I have actually used “an additional year every time I’m asked.” It usually stuns them into silence. Thankfully, no one really asks anymore.

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