The Quest for the Littles

To follow-up on the babies post from a few days ago…

Yes, we want to have children. We are planning to wait for a couple of years, but the timeline is variable, so who knows?

But … there are things that just make me want to grab husband and say “Give me a baby! Now!”, while my ovaries explode. You know how it goes.

For example:

– Holding my 10 day old nephew, and hearing comments (from family) like “Oh, he looks just like you!” *



– Listening to the radio and hearing the following:

Thanks to you, a woman will get the chance to feel the kick of a tiny foot under her ribs. Thank to you, a woman will have to shop for pants with an elastic waistband … and be happy about it…

It was a radio spot for egg donation. GAH. And yes, I started sobbing.


– Reading the morning’s blog posts and coming across this:

Photo via APW, by the incredible Seth Kaye


Excuse me while I go dissolve into a puddle.

What, if anything, does this to you?


* He really did look like me, in his earliest days. Mostly because he looked like my dad, and so do I. Now, though, he’s clearly not mine. Interesting how that worked out.

** That’s the only word that came to mind when I saw that. Button. In a squealy voice, naturally.

2 Comments to “The Quest for the Littles”

  1. Fathers with babies or small children get me. Every. Single. Time. Seeing a man interacting with his kiddo totally melts me.

  2. Oh man. C spent all Christmas season saying “sometime we’ll be doing x with our own kids!” and that makes me melty.

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