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April 5, 2012


Oh hey look! A place to write! And a few extra moments! WHAT? YAY!

So, as you may or may not be aware, I’m in a new show. Let me repeat: I’M. IN. A. NEW. SHOW. *


More info on that to come. In the meantime, check out my beautiful cast (well, some of them):


We’ve been rehearsing for the last month, and as such, I’ve been SUPER busy. So busy, in fact, things (like blogging, and returning emails, and sleep…) have gone neglected. So today, a list of things I’ve learned/observed during rehearsal:

– I’ve missed this even more than I realized.

– The women in non-equity DC theater (at least those I’ve met) are TIMID. ** I’ve never been the most adventurous (non-company) woman in a cast before.

– Being the most adventurous makes you stand out. And gets you offered other shows.

– Having to turn down other shows SUCKS. Stupid family weddings and day jobs…

– Having a scene partner with GORGEOUS blue eyes is never a bad thing.

– More importantly, if that scene partner is a fantastic actor, you win. Or rather, I win.

– It is NEVER ok to accidentally call your husband your scene partner’s name. (In my defense, they both start with J.) It’ll just make husband even less sure about you doing this whole “acting” thing. ***

– It is totally acceptable to accidentally call your scene partner your husband’s name.  Be prepared for non-stop teasing from said scene partner.

– Boys are HEAVY. Especially when you basically have to dead-lift them. By yourself. Repeatedly.

– My back is stronger than I thought. Yay!

– My arms are not. Hello soreness.

– Extra workouts are not necessary when rehearsal involves running 2 miles.

– Some people take themselves WAY too seriously.

– Reciprocal total trust is an amazing thing. And makes for heart wrenchingly beautiful scenes.

– The option to do this full time is suddenly open. It throws a wrench in my careful plan. This terrifies me to no end.

– Finding friends is a matter of who you talk to. ****

– My love for gay men (and the women who love them) is undying.

– I think I’m finally home.


I’m sure there’s more, but that’s where my brain is at the moment. I’ll go into detail on a lot of these later, but for now … yay!


* Thanks in large part to the wonderful Nicole. I owe that lady many, many drinks.

** We’ve been rehearsing for nearly a month, and we STILL have women doing the bare minimum. And freaking out when they’re asked to do the scene barefoot. Not wanting to touch the men. Giggling their way through exercises. Not bothering to listen to the director. Marking the dance instead of throwing themselves into the movement. Having a problem with being wet on stage. REALLY having a problem that the costume designer is putting us in light clothing  … dear God, what will that MEAN when it’s wet? We’ll be covered, right?! ::headdesk::

I really, really wish I was exaggerating … but this isn’t even half of it.

*** We’ll get into this in depth later, but suffice to say, he’s not thrilled with the idea of me playing a romantic part.

**** My standard “I moved here not knowing anyone and work in an office of 4. I usually met people through school and theater and those weren’t happening for me, here.” usually falls on deaf ears … or at most earns a look of sympathy. THESE people, though? It prompted hugs, and “I KNOW, it was like that for me, too!”, and “You’re here with us now, it’ll be ok, we’ll fix it.” God, I love people like that.