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April 6, 2012

No Loitering

Every now and then a random memory pops into my head … it never makes sense, and seems to come from nowhere. The memories are never big events, but usually have something amusing in them … so who knows what triggers it?

So, I’ve decided to start posting them here … they may only be funny to me, but you never know…


October 2004 – 11pm-ish – Car parked in a public parking lot, we’re passed out in the backseat, trying to sleep.

Cop 1: ::knocks on window::

Boy: “Crap, I thought this lot didn’t close.”

Me: ::rolls down window::

Cop 1: “Can you step out here, please? Not you, sir.”

Me: ::gets out of car::

Cop 2: ::gets INTO car::

Cop 1: “So, what are you two up to, out here so late?”

Me: “We’re actors at the theater right up the street. Our show got out about half an hour ago, and we’re both too tired to drive home. We figured we’d try and┬ásleep for a couple hours, so we don’t crash. I thought this was a 24 hour lot?”

Cop 1: “RIGHT. That’s not a lie.”

Me: “It’s not.”

Cop 1: ::scoffs and walks away to talk to Cop 2 and compare stories::

The stories match, because, um, they’re TRUE.

Cop 1: “So, um, I guess you’re telling the truth. That’s, um, very responsible of you.”

Me: “Thanks. Can I get back in the car? I’m freezing.”

Cop 1: “You have to understand, when we normally find cars parked late, it’s not normally local actors trying to get sleep before heading home.”

Me: “I understand. Can I get back in the car NOW?” *

Cop 2: “Yeah. Sorry to have disturbed you.”

Me: “Right.”

Cop 2: “We’ll radio so that no one else bothers you.”

Me: ::raises eyebrow then gets back in car::

Boy: “Did you have to give them attitude?”

Me: “Did they have to interrupt my nap? We were clearly asleep. Asshats.”

Boy: ::laughs:: “Hell hath no fury and all that?”

Me: “Shhh. SLEEPING. Don’t make me call you an asshat, too.”


And we proceeded to fall back to sleep, and drive home at 1am.


Random, right?