The Reason

Well, the show is over. Over the course of four performances we entertained somewhere between 600-800 people (my guess is between 650 and 700, but the final count could very well be higher), proved we could perform a water-centric piece WITHOUT water*, and garnered some rave reviews.

And then the photos started showing up.

Most (of me) are just … yik. Something about a busted lip will make me look like I’m a total idiot, with my mouth hanging open, in EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO. ::sighs:: Never mind that the swelling was so bad I COULDN’T close my mouth. ::shakes head:: The things we do for art.

But there were a couple, that summed it all up.


First up … why I do theatre … for others:



There were several sections of the show were I was in and among the audience. (The final day, this particular scene was performed about 6 inches from a castmate’s daughter’s lap. There were over 200 people in a space designed to hold half that.) What I couldn’t tell, while performing, was whether said audience was watching, or being uncomfortable. Apparently this woman was focused, rapt, on me through the entire scene.

Playing into someone’s imagination? Helping them experience? YES. That’s exactly it.


And here’s why I do theatre, for me:



He’ll kill me if he finds out I posted that. Not his favorite photo … but his favorite is a terrible one of me, and this is my blog, so … I win.

That was taken at the cast party. Sharing a drink and a chair (as you do), as part of a circle of people … laughing so hard we were crying.

Friends. One of those big reasons I do it, for me.



* The weather was NOT on our side that weekend. What was forcast to be in the 80s ended up being in the 60s and below … and totally rainy one night. When it rained we moved under cover, but lost the canal. From what I heard … it was still pretty awesome. Reviews tomorrow!

2 Comments to “The Reason”

  1. Those are both pretty much the reasons I have done theater for other people my entire life. Sounds like it was a great time

  2. I’m so very happy for you that you’re doing theater again!

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