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July 12, 2011

Here and There

SO! Summer is upon us! And for some reason, this summer is travel heavy for me. Me, the broke one. What?

May, of course, was the big trip back to California to see the baby … done and done.

June/July, of course, was Texas to see Alyssa and Rachelle, and attend the wedding … done and done.

The rest of July I’m pretty much just sitting pretty … or, you know, dying for rest. A couple friends are coming into town this weekend, but that should be pretty low-key, as they’re only here for 2 days, and most of it is either eating or church people.  The boy’s birthday is on the 30th, so that’ll take some prep, and DEAR LORD, that’s only 2 weeks away. How is July half gone already?!

And then there’s August. Oh, August. Seems to always be the busiest time for me. Last year we, uh, got married. This year is looking to be PACKED. Traveling at least 2, probably 3, of 4 weekends. Getting the boy ready for his LAST SEMESTER AT SCHOOL (thank you, Jesus). Trying to keep our home in some semblance of order. All while being in the midst of budgeting at work. Whee!

But none of that is FUN. Let’s focus on the weekends away.


FIRST WEEKEND OF AUGUST I will be in New York! Yay!

A wonderful friend (who also happens to be an amazing singer and fabulous actor) is workshopping a new off-Broadway musical, and they’ll open it up that first weekend. I, of course, will be there. SO. That means I’ll probably be coming up Friday evening and leaving Sunday afternoon. See the show Saturday night. Hang with the friend if at all possible.

SO – who wants to come see this show with me? From what he tells me, it’s a comedy with fantastic music … and he plays, in essence, the damsel in distress. Apparently at one point he’s standing in the middle of the stage whimpering as a fight happens all around him. Should be fun!

And who wants to get food and/or bum around the city?

Where I’m staying is up in the air as of yet, so I’m open to suggestions there as well. =) 


THE SECOND WEEKEND OF AUGUST is our 1st anniversary! Squee!

No one’s invited to that one. Sorry. ::winks::


THE THIRD WEEKEND OF AUGUST I will be in New York! Again! Woo hoo!

Ya’ll know about this one. The APW Mass Reception for Marriage Equality! (If you have no clue what I’m talking about go HERE.) Which appears to be on a Thursday night … so, um … let’s work on getting time off work, ok?

If all works out as planned, we seem to have a carpool heading up from DC, and a place to stay. Now, let’s find fun dresses, yes? I recommend this place. =)

Who’ll be there? Who will be in the area, but not at the reception? Who wants to get together? Who just wants me to shut up? ::winks::

What am I forgetting??*


Oooh … this is going to be SO. MUCH. FUN!


* Oh, right. The 4th weekend of August. The 4th weekend I SLEEP!

July 11, 2011

Who Goes To Texas Anyway?


Apparently no one can see my ramblings when I DON’T.  HIT. PUBLISH.

And here I was all weekend thinking no one liked me. ::headdesk::



SO! There was a weekend! It was what one would refer to as a FULL weekend. Full of awesome, that is! (And bug bites. Those weren’t so awesome.) Enough chatter though, let’s dive right in:

I suppose the shenanigans started when I got home from work on Wednesday, and a lovely package from Rent the Runway had arrived … bearing the sexy little dress you all helped me with! Whee!

Or almost. The dress, dear ones, was too small. No problem, they always send two sizes! Um … nope. The second one was too BIG. Well crap. So, after digging out my wedding bra (you know, the backless (aka full fronted corsety) one) and a pair of control top pantyhose, and a good 30 minutes of conferring with Miss Lauren, I downgraded from “too small” to “the tightest dress I’ve ever worn in my life.”

Game on.

Thursday flies by, and I’m on a plane to Atlanta (hi Georgia!) and then Houston (hi HEAT AND HUMIDITY). The first flight went as you hope all flights do and was completely uneventful. The second flight however … screaming baby? Check.* Drunken idiot? Double Check.** Needless to say, it was a fun flight.

I land, and my adventures with bugs begin. Potato bugs that fly directly into my face? Nice welcome, Texas. I don’t think we are going to be friends. I eventually get assigned my car (with a free GPS system? Don’t mind of I do!) and head off to find a bed. Took about an hour, but I finally got to the apartment and crashed out.

Friday morning it was off to see Rachelle! Who is even more fabulous in person than on the interwebs, so people? Make her your friend. Seriously. Oh, and she manages to somehow stay looking cool and unruffled in the face of 98 degree + 80% humidity weather (yes, I checked as I was melting), so clearly she’s a goddess and we must learn her secrets. We had a delicious lunch, and then headed to get our nails done. Let me tell you … that pedicure was HEAVEN. Even if I did look like this at one point:

Yes, that would be scorchingly hot towels and plastic baggies. The baggies were full of paraffin wax, so it was WORTH IT. My feet have never been happier. Oh, and the pedicure hasn’t chipped, even a week later. Woot!

So lunch and mani/pedis took longer than expected, so I had to rush when I got back to the apartment. You guys are amazing, and gave me some FABULOUS advice when it came to styling said sexy dress …  so here’s what I did: The hair was done in big curls, and gathered into a pony over my left shoulder (this helped with the neckline-that-was-not-designed-for-a-small-chested-girl, too!), with one curl wrapped around the hair band. Rock on. Took about 10 minutes, and looked GREAT. Sadly, I didn’t get a picture of it until the end of the night, so it had mostly fallen, but you’ll have to take my word for it. Dark eyes, false lashes, light lips, black pashmina, and bronze strappy shoes. I. FELT. HAWT.

Apparently I looked it, too. Upon arriving to the ceremony, the security guys offered to give me a ride to the chapel (which was all of 50 yards away). The girls serving dinner asked where I got the dress. And my favorite … one of my college friends looking me over and saying “Good LORD, Sarah.” Then he turned to a friend and said “Rob*** is an IDIOT.”

Total victory.

So, the wedding. It was … awkward. The bride grimaced at me as she walked down the aisle. The groom sang the processional (he has an AH-MAZING voice) and made me cry with his vows. The pastor’s entire message was on the dangers of divorce (um, on the nose much?). The bridesmaids beamed. Not one of the groomsman cracked a smile. The bride looked  smug the entire time.

Well then.

The reception, however, was a blast. I was sitting with college friends & some of the groom’s other friends, and we started the drinking immediately. And telling shameless stories. And the boys at one point decided to “dance”:


I’m not quite sure where the red sunglasses came from, but I do know that I was wearing them at one point. And that I drunkenly taught Steve (the one in the vest) to moonwalk later in the evening. Like you do.

The bride and groom went through all the formalities and traditions:


(Side note … I LOVE the photo of the mother-son dance. It was too cute in person. He was singing to her and she was just overjoyed. I may or may not have teared up.)

All in all, a lovely evening. Even with the awkward. I DID remember to grab a photo with the groom, though! It’ll go in my collection of J-and-I-look-toasted photos. We have them dating back to 1998. It’s AWESOME. And it goes nicely with the photo we took at my wedding:


I managed to earn myself an invite to the day-after brunch (by catching the bride at a moment where she’d asked 3 family members if she’d “see them tomorrow” … at which point she looked FURIOUS with herself when she said it to me), so I put on my best I’m-a-good-Christian****-girl outfit (maxi dress with a cardigan) and went to … oh right, booze it up.

You guys, I spent 4 hours schmoozing with the bride’s parents and aunt, chatting with the groom’s family (who are basically family to me at this point), and HITTING THE BRIDE OVER THE HEAD with congrats and smiles and helpful actions and so on. I even offered to take photos of them opening their gifts:


Which of course would not have been complete without a little bit of goofiness from the groom:


I heart that boy.

Anyway, as I was leaving, I overhear the bride’s mother say to her, “She’s such a nice girl. You and J are so lucky to know her.”


Giggling, I drove away from their beautiful new home*****:


And began my drive up to see Alyssa!! 3 hours and 12 minutes (in other words, DAMN GOOD TIME), I was sitting in her lovely home. With Maggie the Wonder Dog (who I nearly stole, she was so cute) sneaking over to lick my toes. And sneeze on me. Which was hilarious, and not nearly as mortifying as Alyssa says.

You guys … we had SUCH. A. GOOD. TIME. We ordered pizza, made margaritas, and talked. Woke up the next morning and talked. Watched Toddlers & Tiaras (the HORROR!!) and the Tonys and Doctor Who (well maybe that was just me), and talked. Ate fabulous foods at Babe’s and talked. Went to the mall (what else do you do when it’s so hot outside AND a holiday weekend (with holiday sales!)??) where she helped me pick out this fabulous shirt and necklace:


Full disclosure: I’m wearing it again today. In a different way, of course, but it is dangerously close to becoming my go-to for, oh, every day wearing.

After our shopping extravaganza (a shirt, a dress and a necklace? SCORE!) we headed back to the house, where we talked. And found (sadly) sub par Chinese food. Made more margaritas. And talked. And talked. And talked. Seriously, it was like BOOM, INSTANT FRIENDS, let’s tell our whole life stories!

The next morning there was this deliciousness:



After yet MORE talking, I packed up and headed out … back down to Houston (3 hours 42 minutes this time! Still damn good time.) to catch my flight home. Which was only remarkable for the size of the planes:


The first one (from Houston to Philly) held 100 people. The second, 20. Yep, 20 people. US Airways Express = Puddle Jumpers R Us. But it DID enable us to fly low enough to see the fireworks shows going off all over the country. ::grins::

Safely home a few hours later I quite nearly passed out before making it to my bed.

It was a fantastic weekend. =)

And thus we complete the LONGEST WEEKEND RECAP EVAR. Feel free to have a nap. =)


* I’ve never felt bad for the parent of the screaming baby until now. Poor mother was walking up and down the aisle, trying to calm her baby, almost to the point of tears herself. =(

** 2 of them. In my aisle. I fell asleep at one point, only to be woken up later by kicks coming from the guy SITTING NEXT TO ME. They were loud and fidgety the whole time … probably what kept the baby awake, now that I think about it. Oh, and they decided to toss their empty mini-vodka bottles in my bag. I found them later. Asshats.

*** The ex I dated all through college. He roomed with a lot of the groomsmen.

**** Or rather, the bride’s family’s definition of a “good Christian” ::shudders::

***** WHO has a house like this directly after getting married?! I’m so jealous it’s insane.

June 27, 2011

Weekend Warrior

Ah, the weekend. A lovely time to relax, sleep in, not have to do anything ….

Um, right.

SO! This weekend I was determined to get to all the projects I pushed off last week when I hit my head (slammed it into the open freezer door).  Headaches and minor concussions do not mix well with a full schedule, so I was determined not to let the house slip TOO far.

But first, I had a little fun planned.

Originally, my friend Sharon and I were going to take her 3-year-old niece to a lavender farm to run through, and pick flowers. Turns out, the little one got sick, so we went by ourselves. Which was probably for the best when we got to the farm. It was supposed to look like this:

But ACTUALLY looked like this:

Yep. Bees. Little nasty honey bees, big fluffy bumblebees, carpenter bees, and the occasional wasp … EVERYWHERE. Oh, and contrary to what they were telling us, yes, the big fuzzy bumblebees DO sting if you annoy them … in fact, they can sting repeatedly.

Have I mentioned that I’m allergic to bees?

We managed to cut our lavender and escape unscathed, but that farm is going to go down in history as having “bushes of death”. I can still hear the buzzing. ::shudders::

Saturday night was spent at a psuedo-housewarming (they’d moved in 6 months ago, but are finally having people over). New friends (for me! Jon already knew them) were made. I fully intend on keeping them around. ::nods:: (YAAAAAAY!)

And then we had Sunday. Oh, Sunday. Sunday was my I’ma-kick-this-housework’s-ass day. My CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!* day. 

First thing in the morning I’m up and doing dishes and laundry SIMULTANEOUSLY. Fancy, I know. Then the bathroom. Then, I decided this would be the right time to re-paint the monstrosity that was the bathroom. You remember it, right?


Well, my friends, after many hours of turmoil, an entire roll of blue painter’s tape (the bane of my existence) and a fancy new painting toy***, what once was a little girl’s bedroom gone bad turned out to be a calming, almost GROWN UP**** space.



Of course I kept my ducks. No one touches my ducks!

After that, there was a well deserved (if I do say so myself) beer and the beautiful oblivion of sleep. Only to be woken up by the shrieking alarm***** telling me it was time to get up for work.


What did you all get up to this weekend? I got you flowers!

* For those of you unaware of the origins of this wonderful phrase … you’re welcome.

** I DID NOT pick out this color. I picked out a lovely über pale, almost ivory color. The idiot at the paint counter gave me the wrong color. It was light going up, but searing yellow when we woke up to dry walls the next day. And yes, I got my money back.

*** Seriously, everyone get this. I nearly wept for joy at how well it worked keeping things clean.

**** The HORROR!

***** 8 hours later, but STILL