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June 24, 2011

The Dog Days

Well … not exactly. That starts a week and some from now (July 4th or 5th, depending on who you talk to), but close enough!

My favorite memories of summertime are actually from my junior high and high school years, not childhood. Every Memorial Day & Labor Day a bunch of us would get together and have a picnic. A huge picnic. With everyone we could think of (or in the younger days, everyone we weren’t being snobby about). Games were played, food was eaten, RIDICULOUS conversations were had, sunburns were rampant, and the occasional crush was developed. GOOD. TIMES.

I miss it, now. I miss being able to ask everyone what they’re doing with their day off so we can plan, and being given answers like “Oh, you know, catching up on housework.” Then again, that’s normally what’s going on in my house. It’s one of those little pieces of the past I wish I could resurrect, you know?

So … who’s up for a picnic on Labor Day? ::smiles::

And so, as we head into the first official weekend of summer (even though it’s FELT like summer for the past month!): What are your favorite summertime memories? Anyone have summer traditions? 

And who has great plans for THIS weekend? I know a couple of you do! Happy Weddings, ladies!!

June 14, 2011

Fill Your Life With Sound

Man, Tony night. What a kick in the gut, am I right? The night that anyone, anywhere, who has ever been in the theatre world dreams of being back. Dreams of being back HARD. Let’s put it this way, when the husband mentioned wanting to change the channel to watch the Ironman Half, I may or may not have pulled out the puppy dog eyes and whined “But my peeeeeeeeeeeeeople!”

What? Don’t judge.

Seriously though, I miss it. I miss the exhilaration of opening night … hell, of every night … the completely indescribable feeling of putting yourself out there for an audience … even the sleep deprivation that comes from doing professional theater AND holding down a day job at the same time. Gotta make the bills somehow, right?

I’ve been very blessed to have worked with some world class directors, and even better actors. (Seriously, yo. I’ve done shows with people currently on Broadway. ) I even, somehow, got up the guts to lie my way into an audition (the age cut off was 22. I was 24, but looked 19.) for Spring Awakening, and be called back. (This is not bragging … at the call back I cracked HARD. Poor poor note, never to be hit during my time slot.) Made some excellent friends, tested my boundaries, had my abilities praised in the reviews (and laughed at … in reviews!) and learned I can be fearless.

The Municipal Abattoir – The Crucible – San Diego*

And then, I left California.

God, I miss it. I miss being able to find an audition every couple of months … and if not cast, find a tech opportunity (my training is actually in design (lighting/set/costume), not performing). From what I’ve seen so far, that’s just not possible in DC. The once-a-year open call for all companies in the area is not something I’m familiar with, and so, I keep missing it. I’m not wholly convinced theater of any level beyond community is something possible in DC, if you only have nights and weekends to devote to it. Which is a really depressing thought.

And then, the Tonys roll around again. With the glitz, the glamour, the gay, and all the love you can imagine. The look of pure joy on the faces of the performers taking their bows while being bombarded with the wild applause of their peers. The overjoyed support from the gathered members when someone who truly deserves to win wins. (I’m thinking John Gallagher, Jr. in 2007. That audience would NOT sit down, they were so thrilled for him. Me, too. I was dancing around my living room giddy.) The camaraderie among everyone in attendance. And the pure love for the art and magic they are creating every day. It’s enough to melt anyone’s heart, and make those of us that know the theater to be home yearn to go back.

Someday, someday I will.

Judging by the recent Twitter talk … I’m totally not alone in this. I do not find it surprising in the least that so many of you that I’ve gotten close to are theatre kids, too. Funny how we all find each other, right?

And just because I have to … some of my favorite moments:

Book of MormonI Believe – Good lord, someone bottle this boy’s voice. It’s incredible, and I want it for my very own treasure. I MUST see this show.

Sutton Foster sobbing (and getting me sobbing) over her dresser. I know it’s a habit of hers, but to watch her both mourn for his leaving and rejoice in his new adventure … that’s EXACTLY it, isn’t it?

The band not having the heart to play Nikki M. James off. She was just too good, and true, and too overcome to cut short. And while we’ve all heard the bumblebee bit before, her take … ” I come from a long line of bumblebees” … just KILLED me.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some old librettos to dig out.

* San Diego … man what a show. The scene pictured? Yah, let’s just say that by the end of the run the tear in that skirt was all the way up to the waistband, I’d spent 3 months explaining to coworkers that no, the bruises on my arms did NOT mean my boyfriend was beating me (nice death clutch there, Ryan), and I had a broken foot. Also courtesy of Ryan. Ryan and the heavy boots he stomped around the scene (and right over my bare foot) in. Ah, the things we do for art. ::shakes head::

** Contrary to the photos, I REALLY HAVE had roles where I didn’t look so concerned. MUST. FIND. PHOTOGRAPHIC. PROOF.

*** Anyone who can name the post title reference gets a cookie. Promise.