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April 6, 2012

No Loitering

Every now and then a random memory pops into my head … it never makes sense, and seems to come from nowhere. The memories are never big events, but usually have something amusing in them … so who knows what triggers it?

So, I’ve decided to start posting them here … they may only be funny to me, but you never know…


October 2004 – 11pm-ish – Car parked in a public parking lot, we’re passed out in the backseat, trying to sleep.

Cop 1: ::knocks on window::

Boy: “Crap, I thought this lot didn’t close.”

Me: ::rolls down window::

Cop 1: “Can you step out here, please? Not you, sir.”

Me: ::gets out of car::

Cop 2: ::gets INTO car::

Cop 1: “So, what are you two up to, out here so late?”

Me: “We’re actors at the theater right up the street. Our show got out about half an hour ago, and we’re both too tired to drive home. We figured we’d try and sleep for a couple hours, so we don’t crash. I thought this was a 24 hour lot?”

Cop 1: “RIGHT. That’s not a lie.”

Me: “It’s not.”

Cop 1: ::scoffs and walks away to talk to Cop 2 and compare stories::

The stories match, because, um, they’re TRUE.

Cop 1: “So, um, I guess you’re telling the truth. That’s, um, very responsible of you.”

Me: “Thanks. Can I get back in the car? I’m freezing.”

Cop 1: “You have to understand, when we normally find cars parked late, it’s not normally local actors trying to get sleep before heading home.”

Me: “I understand. Can I get back in the car NOW?” *

Cop 2: “Yeah. Sorry to have disturbed you.”

Me: “Right.”

Cop 2: “We’ll radio so that no one else bothers you.”

Me: ::raises eyebrow then gets back in car::

Boy: “Did you have to give them attitude?”

Me: “Did they have to interrupt my nap? We were clearly asleep. Asshats.”

Boy: ::laughs:: “Hell hath no fury and all that?”

Me: “Shhh. SLEEPING. Don’t make me call you an asshat, too.”


And we proceeded to fall back to sleep, and drive home at 1am.


Random, right?


October 6, 2011


Sorry for the silence … I’m in budget season.

I’ll try to be back tomorrow, but definitely next week. If this budget doesn’t eat me first.


August 10, 2011

A Little Wedding Planning Commiseration

Searching through my email for our vows to post on APW’s open thread last week I came across this: an emailed to-do list to my then-fiance.

From 10 days before our wedding.

It should also be noted … I sent this less than 2 days before I LEFT THE STATE for the wedding. Oops.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Sarah
Date: Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 11:31 AM
Subject: Things to do
To:  The Boy

1. Pick a song for our “first dance.”
2. Practice dancing briefly, so we don’t trip over each other. *
3. Put together the music (four hours worth) we want for the reception
4. Put together the music (processional, bridal, recessional) we want for the ceremony
5. Call about the guys suits **
6. Decide if you want Dustin to stand with you. If so, ask him to. ***
7. Choose vows
8. Make a decision on the menu & contact Collette’s
9. Contact the Betancourts and Huffs (Ray didn’t reply to me when I asked about his parents)
10. Work on Susan’s jewelry (this one is me)
11. Pack for the trip
12. Unpack the apartment
13. Get things put into storage
14. Write thank you notes for shower gifts (this one is me) ****
15. Mail said thank you notes (also me)
16. Eat an actual meal or two
17. Get SOME sleep

I’m sure there are things I’m missing.

10 days out, people. To say we were behind is to understate it significantly. Then again, this WAS about the time when we figured out the things people (my mother) told us had been taken care of actually WEREN’T.

My point here? If you’re planning and getting overwhelmed … just know that THIS is what my list looked like (and it got longer before it got shorter) only 10 days out … and we still ended up married. Without dropping anything we felt sad about. =)

And if you’ve already been through it and are safely on the other side? You’re welcome for the laugh. ::winks::


* Boy. Doesn’t. Dance. (SADFACE) We barely moved during our first dance. Everyone thought it was because we were so wrapped up in each other … really, it was because he was terrified he would step on me.

** Yah, the guys suits ended up being acquired … by me … 4 days out. You read that right. They ALL dropped the ball. ::shakes head::

*** Yes, we’re talking about our wedding party here. Yes, 10 days from the wedding. Dustin had been asked to be an usher (and was already planning on renting a suit, so no unexpected costs were involved), but Jon at last second started wavering on having just my brother with him, or Dustin as well. As it turned out, he stood up with us. And did so with extremely good humor and grace, for being asked SO late.

**** THIS. NEVER. HAPPENED. However, I DID make a point to find each woman (this was the shower the church ladies threw me) within the following weeks and thank her profusely. Maybe not as good as a note, but it was appreciated the same way. Whew!

July 25, 2011

Miss Seamstress

My grandmother was an amazing seamstress. AMAZING. There seemed to be no end to her talent. When my godmother (Grandma’s youngest daughter) was married in 1993, Grandma singlehandedly made the dresses for the 6 bridesmaids, jr bridesmaid, flower girl, and 3 house party girls. 11 dresses, perfectly fit. I still have my house party dress somewhere. It’s perfection. Too bad it’s sized for a 10-year-old. ::winks::

Grandma taught me to sew as soon as I was old enough to be interested in the machine that was a constant presence on the kitchen table. From practicing straight lines on random swatches of fabric (which, bless her, she always ended up putting together to use as potholders) to helping fit my baby sister’s Easter dresses, she guided me every step of the way. By my sophomore year in high school I was pulling off entire costumes (my claim to fame was the 3 full Renaissance gowns I did OVERNIGHT when we all realized we’d forgotten to get costumes to wear to the school-sponsored faire trip), and had an intricate knowledge of LA’s Fabric and Garment Districts. Seems natural that I’d go into textiles or fashion design, right?

Except … no. I have no head for designing a garment from pure imagination. I can work wonders with a pattern, I can adjust that pattern to no end, and I can draw a damn pattern* from a photo or sketch. But not just dream it up.

In college, part of my general theatre studies was to work in the costume shop. Where I fell in love with the ladies, refined my techniques (under the AMAZING Pat Skinner … who I can’t find online to save my life), and had numerous pin-in-the-foot contests.** I worked there for several semesters, and developed an undying need for a high-end serger. Which still eludes me, as I DO. NOT. have the cash for one. Stupid expensive tastes.

Long story short, I sew. This, every once in a while, comes in very handy.

Take Michelle‘s wedding gown, for example.


Side note … of COURSE I work to The Simpsons. Who doesn’t?

Michelle needed a bustle. CAN DO!


Pretty, yah? Well, that photo does NOT do it justice, I promise.  Check out how it looked on her! (Photo totally snagged from her blog, btw.)



YAY! Perfect! My ultimate goal with a bustle is to not disturb the line of the dress. If you can’t tell it’s bustled from the front, and there isn’t a big old lump of fabric in the back, I’ve done my job. I’m calling this a TOTAL success.

And you guys? Can I talk about the gorgeousness that is her dress for a second? The fabrics were TO. DIE. FOR. The design was just stunning, and it was PERFECT for her. Plus, it was a dream to work with. =)


My next project? This one’s a little special to this community … it’s a Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress*** gown!

The freaking amazing Rachel gifted her gorgeous gown to Jenn … pretty cool, right?

The gown itself is just beautiful … a killer silhouette with simple embellishments. Perfect for Rachel. Awesome on Jenn. But we want to make it perfect for Jenn, too, right?

So remember how I said I can’t design for crap? Well, I can alter a design like a madwoman.

Jenn had some fantastic ideas, and after a brainstorm session (or three) we came up with the final design … and you guys? It’s STUNNING. It’s been sitting in my living room for the past 36 hours, just so I can look at it and tweak any little bits of it before I begin the sewing … and I just love it. I love love love that I get to be a part of making this gown into Jenn’s dream.

And all the work that has gone/will go into it? WORTH IT.

Now, since Jenn’s wedding isn’t until September, we can’t show all of it. BUT! Here’s a sneak … a taste of things to come:


Gah, that lace! Am I right?

And yes, I am fully aware I used “amazing” far too much in this post. Handle it, I’m excited!


* Drawing a pattern is a task I hate, and will try and get out of, if at all possible. But I can do it.

** We all worked barefoot, which led to many many pins-in-the-foot. Whoever had the most at the end of the month got free lunch and the title of “Human Pin Cushion”. To this day I still work barefoot. And yes, still get pins in my feet. (Not as painful as it sounds. Generally you can’t feel it at all, the pins are so small, and the skin on your feet so tough. I promise.)

*** Re-reading the Sisterhood post, I am reminded that our get together (and Rachel sending in the photos) gave Meg the final push to setting up the book clubs. On behalf of Jenn, Rachel, and myself … YOU’RE WELCOME. ::winks::

July 21, 2011

Style Help: Yay New York

It’s that time again! When I turn into your personal dress up doll and you help me pick an outfit.

This time around, I’m jumping in a car with Ms. Rachel and we’re heading up to Yay New York = A Mass Reception for Marriage Equality. Where I’m hoping to see many MANY of you!

This calls for a sparkle dress.

Here are our options:


1. Blugirl – All over sequins and tulle. Unfinished hem, which reviews saw either helps it flow, or makes it stick together. Either way, cuteness.



2. Halston Heritage – Again with the all over sparkle (the stripes are metallic), but in a totally different shape. I may or may not have the chest to pull this look off, but I’m willing to try!



3. BCBGMaxAzria – Not quite a sparkle dress (the stripes are black and white print), but fancy all the same! The shape is totally different, and FUN.



4. Tibi – Back to all over sparkle, and with a little color this time! I’m not convinced this one is fancy enough, but could be persuaded.


As an added bonus, the model in 3 out of the 4 dresses is the closest to my height (she’s an inch taller) out of all RTR’s models, so the length of the dresses should be about the same on me as they are on her. I’d hate for there to be surprises on the length.

So … each one has its pros and its cons … and for me none of them really jump out above the others. Help me out here! Which should it be?