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October 4, 2011

Almost Painless

You all were so amazing with the hair tips yesterday that I HAD TO DO IT. I stopped at the store on the way home and found a color … in 2 different brands.


A frantic tweet for help went unanswered* so I spent the better part of an hour pacing, trying to figure out which one. Finally I decided to go with the slightly more expensive (and let’s be honest … cooler looking box) brand. I picked a color I deemed to be safe (less red than I was planning on … just in case it all went horribly wrong) and went home.


The box promised me the process would take 10 minutes, the formula would be no drip, and the results would be shiny and wonderful.

Well … one out of three isn’t TOO bad.

The process, all told, took about 30 minutes. 5 for mixing of the color, another 5 for the fighting of the towel that was SUPPOSEDLY draped gracefully around my shoulders, and 20 for fighting all my masses of hair. Masses of hair that were decidedly rebellious.

One quick note … everyone online said one box should only be enough for shoulder length hair. My hair is currently down to my bra clasp, in the back. I used about 2/3 of a box. My hair is super thin, maybe that’s why?

As for the drip part … well, let’s just say my husband was sitting on the floor at midnight, trying to cut a drip from the light bathroom rug. Clearly, I won’t forget to remove that again. Oh well, the thing needed to be washed anyway.

But, guys, I did it. With no major screw ups! HOORAY! Not that I changed my color very much (less than intended … I chickened out!) … but it’s enough to make me happy. See for yourselves:


Hair until yesterday! Pretty! Curly! Blurry! Nice enough, but not really doing it for me. So, it’s now:


Shiny! Straight! Faceless!

I know it’s hard to tell, but there is red. You can only really tell when they’re side by side:


Which is why the alternate title to this post could be “How to Dye Your Hair for Yourself and No One Else”.

A quick review on the L’Oreal Healthy Look: this product rocked. Yes, it was drippy, but it wiped off my skin cleanly without any trouble. I even forgot to put the gloves back on when I went to rinse everything out, and even my nails are still clean. And this was some DARK dye. The shower, countertops, and sink cleaned up with minimal effort. Fabric was another story all together. A lot of reviews say it made their hair feel like straw, but mine came out (after using the included conditioner) silky and easy to brush. Speaking of the conditioner though … I wouldn’t use it again. It has a pretty strong smell that I’m just not in love with. It’s not BAD, but not really to my liking.

I’ll definitely use this again. **

So … what’dya think?!


* Christina DID speak up, after I’d been home. She came with a personal recommendation, and made me happy I’d spent the extra $2. =)

** Of COURSE the morning after I dye my hair I get both Living Social and Groupon offering me salon deals. And Jenn tells me there’s a new Paul Mitchell school nearby. Pssh. Next time…

September 28, 2011

Carrying the Banner

So … pretty much any of us hovering between 25 and 35 (or so) know and love Newsies. For some of us, it was our first introduction to live-action musicals. And for many-a theatre guy I’ve known, it was what sparked them to want to act in the first place.


Well, kids … it’s now, officially*, a stage show. Backed by Disney Theatrical, book by Harvey Fierstein, and music by Alan Menken himself.

And I got to see it on Sunday.


If you are ANYWHERE within range of Newark, NJ, you MUST go see this show. Seriously. I bussed up (4.5 hours) and back (4.5 hours) in the same day for this one. And it was SO worth it.

The story has been changed a bit (Brooklyn shows up later, David & Les’ family isn’t introduced, Jack is an artist), a few characters are missing (Denton and Sarah), a few are added (Katherine … a combination of Denton and Sarah) and there are a couple other tweaks (for example … Medda is totally different. Then again, who could even BEGIN to live up to Ann-Margaret?). But really … it’s all for the better. The original version will always be the “true” version for me … but I’m totally on board with this one.


The cast is INSANELY talented. I cannot get over the stunning control Jeremy Jordan (Jack) has over his voice. He goes from SCREAMING to singing a ballad in (no kidding) 15 seconds. The notes he hits are insane. And the dancing … holy crap. At one point I turned to Paul (my date for the show) and said “this choreography is too hard, they’ll never be able to put it up with anyone else”. I sincerely hope I’m wrong. It was STUNNING. At any given moment there was so much going on that I’m going to have to see it again. And again.


And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the incredible set design. Three 3 story fire-escapes, tracked to move back, forth, and all around. Smaller pieces that rolled in and out as necessary. And some of the best projection work I’ve seen on stage. Seriously, seriously well done. It became anything they needed it to be … and made me catch my breath several times. To see those boys running around and jumping on/off them WHILE THEY WERE MOVING (not just moving … spinning) … good lord. Amazing.

And y’all … the press WORKED. I’m sure you know what that means. ::grins::


So really … go. See it. I promise it’s worth the money. And when it makes the move to Broadway (because it will) … I’ll be there … in orchestra seats.

Paper Mill Playhouse – Millburn, NJ. (NYC people … there’s a light rail train that goes from Penn Station and stops 2 blocks from the playhouse. Couldn’t be easier.) The show runs through October 15th.


All photos and video courtesy of Paper Mill Playhouse.


*I say officially, because I was IN a production of this a while back. A straight from video-to-stage version. There were so many of those running around. ::winks::

September 20, 2011

Adventures with Alice: Sally Lunn Bread

And we’re back again for more play time in the kitchen!


On a related, if off-the-mark note, how cute are these? I got them as a joke for my husband, who would always look cross-eyed at any recipe that used “a pinch of salt” or “season to taste”. Turns out, the DASH spoon is 1/8 teaspoon. Super handy for measuring yeast!

After the mishaps with yeast buying, and a few helpful tips from Cindy (she of the AMAZING birthday cake), we were set. Milk, eggs, butter, sugar, flour, salt, yeast. Can do.


Being my first attempt at bread, I wanted to try something simple. The recipe for Sally Lunn Bread (again, via Smitten Kitchen) required no kneading. Um, a full on real bread, without kneading? SOLD. The write up promised that it would be a dense, slightly sweet bread … almost like a brioche, without the hours and hours of work.


Let me tell you, Alice had her work cut out for her. During that final mix (after the last of the flour), she was bucking all over the place. I think I’ll do that bit by hand next time. That being said, she was a trooper, and expertly mixed it all up … without whining. What an awesome sidekick!


Then it was time to let it rise. I was a little worried I hadn’t activated the yeast right (the temperature for the liquid was SUPER specific in the recipe), considering I’d never done it before. But, I managed to walk away for an hour and came back to it nice and doubled! The photos (above) are a little hard to compare, thanks to my lack-o-lining-up-the-shots … but it was doubled, trust me.


Into the pan we go for one more rise. This is where I messed up. Instead of just LEAVING IT ALONE I tried to spread and shape it to the pan. Of course, it wasn’t going to shape. And all it did was cease to rise in the places I’d prodded. Lesson learned. Don’t touch the dough, Sarah! But that wasn’t going to stop me from trying to bake it!


Hey look! It worked!! And boooooooy did it taste good! The husband is officially a convert … and has decided the smell of baking bread is the best ever.

But we already knew that, right?

Since it’s fresh, I’m thinking we can’t keep it any longer than 5 days or so. Does anyone have a better idea of time? I want to use what’s left (about a third of the loaf) for french toast (YES, PLEASE), but I’m not sure if I should. What do you guys think?

So … total success! Fairly simple, no long processes, delicious. I’m calling it a win. And, even though my loaf didn’t look like the recipe pictures, I’m still thinking it looked pretty damn good.


September 9, 2011


As many of you will remember, last week I went off my rocker on Twitter trying to figure out who sent me the large cardboard box sitting on my doorstep. You see, this box contained THIS:


WHEE!! But seriously, that’s a rather expensive surprise gift.

Much digging around happened (all the while trying to keep myself from being giddy over the entire thing) until finally my phone rang:

“So I hear they forgot to put our note on the packing slip.” *

It was Miss Jenn, the lovely lady who I’ve been working with to alter and personalize her Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress wedding gown! She and her bridesmaid, Monica, had arranged to send me the mixer as payment and thank you for the work I was doing on their dresses.


Now knowing who the mystery benefactor was, I proceeded to jump around the house squealing, with the husband. He knows it’s something I’ve been wanting for a long time (seriously, I had to choose between a mixer and other things multiple times in the past couple of years), and was just as giddy as I was to finally have it. **

So we unpack it, and realize … OOPS … our kitchen stuff really doesn’t match. But crap, this is the color that was especially picked out for us (i.e. it wasn’t the standard red). Hmmm … what to do?

Well, Jenn settled that. While stopping by for her final fitting she saw it on the counter and said “Huh, that’s not the color I thought it was going to be.” She proceeded to fill me in on the sneakiness she and Rachel had been doing, trying to figure out which color we wanted, and told me to return it for the color we liked best.

So we did. ***

She showed up yesterday.



Meet … well, she doesn’t have a name yet. Lauren says she looks like “a lady who lunches”. Anyone have name suggestions? And I tell you right now, my mixer will NOT be named Muffy. Yick.

Isn’t she pretty? I may or may not have spent the better part of last night with my cheek pressed against the top, hugging her. What? Don’t look at me like that! You’d do it, too!

So yes … a name is needed. And a suggestion for an inaugural use. After all, the weekend is here, and the great wide world of baking is mine to conquer!



* Or something along those lines. Sorry, Jenn, I can’t remember exactly!


*** The color is Pistachio, for those interested. The husband keeps saying it looks vintage-y … which is the same thought I had when I first was looking at the different colors. $10 says it’s the same color as my mom’s. It goes perfectly in our kitchen. I LOVE IT.

August 30, 2011

I Was There, I Swear!!

So … Hurricane Irene. That happened. Cut me off from the world for a few days, leading to a severe lack in blog posts. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.

Today … vain thoughts on Yay New York!

1. Dude, you people are HAWT.

2. And you can seriously dance.

3. I must have Confetti Systems pinatas at every party from now on. MUST.

4. Zan makes a mean emergency dinner.

5. Rachel‘s last minute shopping skills are BEYOND AMAZING.

6. I think I may have to stalk Lauren and Ang.

7. The popsicles were DELICIOUS. But, of course, I would end up with one of the handful of avocado ones … me being allergic and all. Phooey!






What gives?!

Serious thoughts coming later this week, when I have time to process and type.