Workin’ It Out

Objective: Get in the habit of actually WORKING OUT on a regular basis.

Goal: No races currently scheduled, but there is an 8k in March. That would be nice, but is not, by any means, mandatory. For now, just getting in the habit.

Means: In an effort to keep myself honest (and motivated), I’ll post what I’m doing, as I do it. So, 2 miles on Monday? Zumba class Saturday? If it’s completed, it’s here. Let’s see how often I slack off:

Jan 1 – 7:  Grade: Big, fat F. I didn’t work out ONCE this week. What a mess.

Jan 8 – 14: Tuesday: 2 miles. Saturday: 2 miles. Grade: C. Mostly because while I DID do 2 days, I skipped a bunch in between.

Jan 15 – 21: Monday: 11 miles bike, ab machine circuit, Zumba. Grade: C-. That first day KILLED me. So I got a pass on the next one. The third, however, I failed. Hardcore.

Jan 22 – 28: Monday: 100 stairs. Grade: D. Yes, I was sick all weekend, but that does not excuse the week. A knee twinge shouldn’t keep me from doing things. Rawr.

Jan 29 – Feb 4: n/a – Doctor ordered me to attempt no exercise for the week. Stupid being sick.

Feb 5 – 11: n/a – Still out under doctor’s orders. Rawr.

Feb 12 – 18:

Feb 19 – 25:             

4 Responses to “Workin’ It Out”

  1. Followed you over here from APW…and just wanted to let you know I think this is awesome! I really like the idea of publicly tracking your workouts to stay honest.


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