So … everyone must be wondering what actually went down yesterday, based on husband’s tweets.

We both ran an 8k race, and after, he offered to run and grab the car so I didn’t have to hobble back to the office (my back was seizing up … apparently my body does NOT like me to run). Knowing the streets were shut down all around the race site, I suggested we meet a couple blocks up.

As he was running away he yelled back “13th and …”. Thinking he had said H (which was my original suggestion, as I know the area pretty well) I confirmed “13th and H!” and off he went.

Apparently, he heard “13th and G” … which means, yes, we DID sit one block apart for an hour. I didn’t want to leave right as he drove up, so I didn’t move from that corner (except to cross to the opposite corner where there was sunlight. It was sub-freezing yesterday!) … he did the same. After an hour, he started driving around to see if he’d missed me somewhere. He apparently drove through the intersection I was waiting at, but it being a green light meant I didn’t see him, and he didn’t see me.

And hour and a half in … filled with annoyance, then worry, then deep sadness … I figured this was excessive, and walked to my office. But oh, I didn’t have my keys. Luckily, one of my tenants let me in and I called him … only to have his phone say it was “out of range”. (This happened three times … twice with borrowed cell phones).

So I walked home. 6 extra miles. Crossing a state line even. (Ah, DC…)

I walked in just as he was about to head out to start canvassing(with the police). It’d been almost 4 hours since we’d finished the race.

Needless to say, next time he tells me not to take cash, my ID, or a key with me to a race, I’m going to laugh at him. I got stubborn and took my ID (because, duh), but left the rest with his assurances nothing would go wrong.

Um, yah. It really sucks to walk past 9 metro stops and not be able to get on the train because you don’t have your fare card or any money to buy a new one.


Thanks, everyone, for your prayers and well wishes. Husband looked at me last night (I freaked out once I was home, and then promptly slept for the next four hours) and said “You have some really awesome friends.” Up until now, you were “the Twitter girls”. Clearly, you made an impression on him.

Love you guys.

12 Responses to “Explaination”

  1. What a frustrating story! I’m so glad everything came out all right in the end!

  2. aww we love you and are just happy you made it home safe!!

  3. Oh MAN. I managed to totally miss this, but that is terrifying! So glad you’re okay!!

  4. I am seriously so glad you made it safely. I was FREAKING out a bit. Also – Jon is a sweetheart. And yay for him realizing we’re real friends and not just internet friends! 😉 hhaha 🙂

  5. This got me all teary. I’m really glad to hear you’re okay – I was worried something else had happened in that missing time. Hope you two are having a relaxing evening, and that the race went well!

  6. I didn’t see the Twitter play-by-play until it was over, but man, I’m so glad that you were safe!

  7. I can’t believe you guys were only a block apart. 😦 Can totally see that happening to me, though. Glad you’re all right!!

  8. How totally wretched the whole experience must have been. I am (of course) really, really glad that you made it home safe!

  9. Oh man. That’s so scary. And what a pain in the butt! So glad it all worked out okay, and that Jon is so great.

  10. I am so so happy that you were (ultimately) ok. I was so scared when I read Jon’s message. I’m still sorry that you had to walk that whole way home, but seriously glad that you’re ok.

    Tell Jon that we’ve always been real friends and that we’re glad he’s caught on now 😉

  11. We worried about you. So glad you were safe all along.


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