TNY – The Reviews

Positive reviews! Yay!

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“[Director]’s work to coordinate such a vast project is nothing short of impressive … [Costume Designer} shows sheer genius in his expressions displayed in the simple white color scheme of the show … [Choreographer] creates masterful pieces of work … the sound work creates stunning images … performers are beyond courageous …  with a perfect twilight to end a perfect show this limited engagement is the crowning glory of exploratory devised works this season.”

~ Amanda Gunther, DC Metro Theater Arts


“[Director] sidesteps the aid of a traditional linear drama form but never lets the piece stray into over-intellectualized abstraction … the creative team successfully allows images to pile up and resonate as they will … the movement vocabulary of the performance is an interesting blend of forms … strong bare legs and the way feet plant themselves in the grass or flick then pull through water remind me of the Pina Bausch Company and that company’s use and attention to the elements … [The Goddess] is a magnificent and expressive dancer … special mention must be given of the courage and stamina of all these performers … I walked to my car feeling satisfied and strangely teary by having seen something odd but brave and moving that was communicating to us something about being human, and, in its expression, bringing life to a spot in Washington that has been long emptied and neglected.  Isn’t this what theatre is meant to do?”

~ Susan Galbraith, DC Theater Scene


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  1. Very cool! Congrats!

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